Stepping From the Shadows

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Stepping From the Shadows

Post by aharmony » Sun Apr 29, 2018 5:35 pm

Hello all!

I purchased this (the latest) Bashar mp4, and would like to offer my own summary of the tool Bashar shares in this session, for those that may not have the funds to buy it themselves. This is in my own words, but I hope I convey the essence of how to use this transformative technique.

This is essentially another tool in how to transform darkness into light, which as April mentions during her introduction, is a theme many of us are exploring. The more we can do this, the more we can see through the “reality” around us. It becomes less solid and more malleable, the more we use these tools.

Remember a time when you felt afraid to follow your truth. The feeling of anxiety because you were afraid to take an action you desired. Perhaps you were worried what people would think of you, afraid of being judged. Something was holding you back and you felt stuck.

Think about how that felt. It could be something you wanted to do just yesterday and stopped yourself because of a fear of being criticized. It could be a small thing like not buying something you really wanted because of a fear that your family will think you spend too much on yourself. Or it could be a large thing from years ago, like backing out of an audition for a play because you were frightened to sing in front of an audience. It could even have been a dangerous situation. The feeling will really be the same; that timidity, and uncertainty.

Now feel it in your body. Really let yourself sink into the physical sensation. (For me, I feel it between my solar plexus and my heart, but for you it could be different.) Just feel it, and all the underlying energy, what it is doing to your body. Your heart is probably pumping and you are breathing faster. Remember the fear and hesitation and anxiety.

Now let yourself feel the sensation while detaching from the mental source of it. There’s a lot of energy and power in your body, isn’t there? A LOT of power. This is energy coursing through you. Let it pump through you, and warm and even massage your insides. Now, next time you feel fear in a situation, let yourself detach from the negative belief that it came from by focusing directly on the physical sensations. Tap into the power that is swirling through your body.

Doing this will neutralize the fear. It will help you to identify that the only reason you are feeling fear is because you have a negative belief that this energy is filtering through. Let yourself focus on the physical sensations, and realize they are the SAME as the ones you have when you feel excitement and intense joy!

Once you have neutralized the negative emotion in this manner (by focusing on the physical sensations until they calm down and eventually subside), you can begin to direct that powerful energy into a more positive belief. Separate yourself from the negative belief. Ask yourself, “What must I believe in order for this to be true?” and find the root of the negative belief until it makes no sense to you (once you find that place it will dispel itself forever).

In my opinion, the real gem of this session was the realization that energy is energy, and whether you are feeling excitement or anxiety, the physical energy is the same. The only difference is that one is filtered through a positive belief and the other is filtered through a negative belief. And as Bashar says, negative beliefs do not belong to you, because they weigh you down…anything that belongs to you is light as a feather.

Hope that helps someone! Have a lovely day friends :)
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Re: Stepping From the Shadows

Post by jman5000 » Mon Apr 30, 2018 10:06 pm

Thanks for posting. I also bought the session and am enjoying it.

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Re: Stepping From the Shadows

Post by laptop123 » Wed May 02, 2018 6:09 pm

Thanks for the summary.

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