Starseed Prophecies

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Starseed Prophecies

Post by Alice » Wed Jul 26, 2017 9:46 pm

From Starseed, The Third Millennium, channeled by Ken Carey:
From a human-cellular perspective, the work that is to transpire during the thousand year Period of Planetary Awakening will manifest as the building of great floating cities of light, massive fleets of inter-galactic star ships, constructed from biological components brought to life by the Creative Intentionality that will work through all humans of that age. However, from a perspective of Spirit, the Star Maker will be organically growing through the instrumentality of the human species, a physical body capable of universal exploration. The completed body will resemble a human body in both design and structure.

The completed physical body, incorporating much of the Earth's biological life, will depart from this planet in approximately 3011 AD. From the outside it will have the appearance of a human baby of about one year of age. It will function much like the microcosmic human body, with all organs represented. It will be fueled by a fuel all will have learned to live on by that time, light itself.
Its design will limit it to speeds slightly less than the speed of light, but this will just be a pleasure cruise, and those wishing to travel faster will have only to use their non-physical vehicles.

From a human cellular perspective, the construction of this body will be a gloriously enjoyable thousand year period of inter-continental cooperation. From a spiritual perspective, it will be the birth of an organism the likes of which the universe has never seen. As the greatest gathering of interstellar space vehicles leaves the Earth in graceful formation, the Christ Child will slowly get up, look around, and push itself off into space.
Al Bielek witnessed floating cities in his time traveling to 2074...

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