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Essassani is the home world of Bashar ( Essassani is in the star system Sha, which is located in an alternate dimension of reality, meaning their star system is invisible to us and ours is invisible to them without shifting realities/densities/dimensions. However, if we were to overlay realities and galactic coordinates, the Sha system is about 500 of Earth light years in the direction of the Orion constellation. Essassani is the ancient term for the world, which means "Place of Living Light." The people of Essassani, or Sassani, are genetic hybrids in part with the people of Earth and thus resemble the people of Earth. Bashar is about 300 years in our future (1).

The Essassani reach back to us to help us because we are related and because we have extended out the invitation to converse as we are awakening to more of ourselves. Bashar and his people are helping us move up the ladder into a higher density just as people above Bashar's people are helping them move up to a higher density. Another higher consciousness in a higher density of Sirius channels through Bashar (1).

Bashar's people do not eat (2).

Synchronicity is how Bashar's people functions with everyone being and doing what they need to be doing when they need to be doing it without planning ahead. They feel when it's the right timing to do something and act on it. Synchronicity is the natural orchestration of all that is (3).

1: Full Inter-dimensional Interview: Bashar and Alan Steinfeld,, 12:50
2: Full Inter-dimensional Interview: Bashar and Alan Steinfeld,, 09:30
3: Full Inter-dimensional Interview: Bashar and Alan Steinfeld,, 09:40

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