4th of March session

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Re: 4th of March session

Post by Alice » Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:45 am

aharmony wrote:
bshr101 wrote:
aharmony wrote:the people on this forum are all likely within the top percentage of high-vibrating people on the planet, just by way of listening to Bashar and other spiritual guides, and using their practices daily (go us!) :P
Friendly, loving reminder that this sounds a bit like ego (which is of the path of negativity) :)
I would respectfully disagree, simply because I follow a lot of Abraham Hicks' concepts, and they encourage each person to be selfish and become "full" of his/herself (as does Bashar). I don't know what spiritual practices you follow, but I don't believe the ego is inherently bad. I stand by my statement, but if it isn't for you then no worries!
I agree, ego isn't negative.
Bashar suggests making an actual contract with the ego, delineating what it can and can't handle, and what to let go of and allow higher mind to take over. Ego at least knows what it wants although it doesn't know how to get there. Accept the belief systems of the ego and then reassure ego that they aren't needed any longer.

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Re: 4th of March session

Post by Tanfeliz » Sat May 27, 2017 11:55 pm

aharmony wrote:Am I right in saying the split is actually between those who are content and those who are discontent?

Bashar once recommended a book called The Right Use of Will. It's only available by mail order, but it's worth the trouble. That book actually discusses the split as being about anger, those who wish to integrate versus those who refuse. In Right Use of Will, anger is leaving the planet, as well as death. There's a lengthy discussion about what's happening with the planet, and the spiritual migrations of history. I think it would answer your questions. Not the easiest book to read, but full of magical properties if you stick it out.

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Re: 4th of March session

Post by TBP » Wed May 31, 2017 1:22 am

mac wrote:
aharmony wrote:In regards to the two realities splitting apart, can someone clarify? I have listened to all Bashar workshops except this latest, and after the election there was the obvious split that he talked about around that time.

But it seems to me that the energetic split isn't between, say, Trump supporters and those who are anti-Trump. I have had conversations with both extreme liberals and extreme conservatives, and it's like talking to the same person. It doesn't matter what side they are on, they are both vibrating at the same energetic level, which is usually anger. (I enjoy helping these people to raise their vibration through release, which is probably because according to my sister, I am an untrained Shaman!)

Am I right in saying the split is actually between those who are content and those who are discontent? I've stopped watching the news (don't have cable anymore, actually), drifted away from social media a while ago, and luckily the people I work with are all pretty content and we don't talk about politics. In fact, the one person who was big on talking politics (and tended to cause strife) at our workplace left...guess she didn't resonate with us? So I'd love the perspective of someone who knows what's going on out there!
The split is between those that wanted change and those who wanted the comforts of the old paradigm. It is between those who feel that they have been disempowered and those who performed the disempowerment.

These two factions have such alternate views that they have created realities that are continually 'distancing' - separating vibrationally - between their realities until at some point, like the trains leaving the station, they will lose any ability to move from one POV to the other, separating so greatly that the collective consciousness of each group will situate each in realities that have no observable overlap. Yes, these ppl will find that not only will they exist independently within their respective realities without having any ongoing, further interactions with those holding opposing sentiments, they simply will not exist to each other. No history, no 'memories' dey be gone. :D

Looking at it higher-dimensionally, one faction delves deeper into the darkness of the control system ("the comforts of the old paradigm"), allowing themselves to be further controlled/disconnected/dehumanized/transhumanized for another 26000 years (an ascension cycle), some eventually becoming Greys. The other is the ascensional path that moves towards a voluntaryist partnership society in 4th density, by the end of 4th density becoming once again galactic humans operating in synchronism.

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