Things are starting to heat up

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Things are starting to heat up

Post by SpiritualWar » Mon Oct 17, 2016 6:17 pm

I posted this on the spirituality subreddit, but really feel like it could be posted here as well.

It literally feels and looks like karma is collecting all the debts she's owed right now.

- This whole election is the pivotal point of American politics and is (in my opinion) the most heated, controversial, and divided election that's ever taken place in America

- Racial tensions, SJW's, political correctness, gender definitions taking place like never before

- Severe global weather. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, mass animal die offs.

- Leaks coming out exposing corruption, greed, lies, deceit. It seems anyone that has earned their way to the top off the backs of his fellow man is reaping what they sowed and getting what they have done to others back at them.

- 2016 alone has seen more events, more confusion, more divide between us, more anger, fear, misery.

On the other end of the spectrum we see miracles happening in multiple ways at the complete opposite side of the dark to light spectrum.

- Negotiators from 197 countries reached a deal to curb carbon emissions from refrigerators, which would result in a 88% projection of reduced carbon emission.

- people coming together in a number of ways, wether it be the Dakota pipeline, to people getting their voice heard on kratom, and data caps, police brutality, etc.

- Global consciousness as a whole is slowly waking up to our divine essence and origin and looking inward.

- love, happiness, and abundance is apparent and visible in more aspects and more situations than ever noticed

- Projected open disclosure or mass sightings of UFO's to be expected anywhere around 2024-2031

- Big pharma has rumors of complete collapse and the medical complex industry as it exists looks to crumble as people learn and realize it's true business model. (Create the disease, sell the cure. Only treat customers, don't cure them.) they exist only to maintain their existence. It is not in their interest to cure people and lose profits when they can make so much more by keeping people sick.

- hope of a new economic system is rapidly emerging and brings with it a better living for us all as one and as a whole.

(Credit to Bashar, for most of that information.)

It seems the way things are playing out right now that everything is coming to the surface and we are hashing it out and dealing with what we have created, and what we have done not only to ourselves, but to each other, this earth, our morals, and our definitions of who and what we are as a spiritually physical form of divine conscsiousness.

Let me know your opinions. I believe (mostly thanks to Bashar) that this fall of 2016 is the milestone, the mark and point to date of future times to look back and say this was the year. The defining moment that decided who we are from there on out.

I appreciate you all for taking your time to read this and I look forward to any responses or opinions you may share. <3

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Re: Things are starting to heat up

Post by Kathy52 » Tue Nov 15, 2016 6:31 am

Great piece of information..

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