Free Ayahuasca experience at your house

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Free Ayahuasca experience at your house

Post by laptop123 » Sun Mar 18, 2018 1:31 pm


I noticed I-doser has a free Ayahuasca binaural beats video on youtube that I tried out yesterday. There are documentaries about Ayahuasca on youtube - worth watching. They say that Youtube compresses audio and that effectiveness is massively reduced (compared to using the audio on their website - many companies claim the same), but I tried the free video anyways.

I used high quality headphones (Plantronics back beat pro2) laid on my bed, made the room as dark as i could, and had an interesting experience. First I was nervous of going on a 'trip', not sure if I might have an unpleasant/awful experience. I asked my spirit companions (Bronwyn angels, Courtwind angels from creepyhollows, guides and guardians for help and protection).

So my experience was that my body became super relaxed - even for at least 2 hours thereafter my body was really relaxed. I did not have a need to 'go do stuff now, then the next task and the next task'. I felt kind of blissful during the audio, I had a mini insight ... For a second I felt/thought a little spider ran on my chest without freaking out (i had huge spider fears), I briefly felt a ache in my heart... but I think the entire experience was there for me to be more relaxed about my next session (which I will do next weekend) where I should LET GO and experience.

Let me know what your experiences are! I ended up buying a couple of their recordings so I can get the full experience (I also bought samadhi, fifth dimension, earth vibration, love energy).

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