Intense emotional pain: Quick and easy healing

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Intense emotional pain: Quick and easy healing

Post by laptop123 » Sat Dec 30, 2017 8:26 am


I thought I'd share a powerful little (free) technique that I found online for dealing with psychological pain (depression, anxiety).

For many years I have had trouble coping certain things in my past - intense anxiety and depression... All those years I watched Bashar videos and never made any progress on the issues.

Now I found this very cool technique. ... and-bliss/
In fact, virtually everyone who takes this practice seriously and puts in the effort will have an experience of ecstatic bliss in the process as they release old, stuck emotional energy. As you continue over time these moments become more frequent until they eventually become your dominant experience of life, reconnecting you with an almost permanent state of love, joy, peace ecstasy and bliss.

- Think of a significant past event, situation or person (which can include yourself) where there is some kind of negative emotional charge (anger, fear, shame, jealousy, hate, rage, anxiety, worry, etc.), hurt, grievance or trauma and simply observe what comes up. Don’t resist or judge, simply mindfully observe what you are experiencing and remembering.

- Then after a few moments, tell yourself “And I love that this happened to me,” (it can help to say this out loud), and let yourself move into a state where you actually begin to feel love in your body for yourself, the situation/experience and anyone involved. Really let yourself feel and drop into an authentic experience of love—as it must be genuine for this to work.

- As the feeling of love deepens, let yourself move into a feeling of forgiveness for yourself, the situation/experience and anyone involved. As you move deeper into the authentic experience of love and forgiveness, it heals the emotional wound around the incident/experience permanently, bringing you one step closer to the experience of unconditional love.

- Close the practice by taking a minute to meditate and observe what good has come of this experience that you may not have noticed before. Really challenge yourself to look at the experience through new eyes and discover positive things that you may have previously been unable to see. This helps to further repattern your mind and nervous system to change the imprinting of the experience from something negative to something positive.

Emotions are not static, they shift and change in an instant and this exercise allows us to reimprint how our nervous system experiences old memories from one of pain to neutrality or even joy.
I imagine Abraham Hicks would say this technique puts you into a state of allowing (as opposed to resistance).

I cannot believe the powerful help this has been to me... I am working on applying this to every issue I have. Such as simple technique - I honestly expected years of Bashar material to include this.

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