Paracast -Gold Standard? LOL

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Paracast -Gold Standard? LOL

Postby mac » Fri Mar 17, 2017 8:54 pm

I have spent a considerable amount of time watching the Paracast who touts its podcasts as "The Gold Standard of Paranormal Radio". I have listened to friends and others on as Guests but the forum is the heart of the philosophy of Gene Steinberg, Christopher O'Brien and a short list of podcast bootlickers who are regular forum participants. It is truly an amazing reflection of a group of highly misdirected numbnuts who chase images in the skies while ignoring - absolutely, completely ignoring - dozens of credible ET channelers. None of which anyone on their shows or their forums has spent any legitimate time or expended serious effort in examining the ET-channeling phenomenon. Example:

If it is your passion to chase UFOs or any other phenomena for that matter, most power to you. Just make sure you aren't spellbound by the flying ants while the mammoths waltz by.

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