Share your favorite lucid or non-lucid dream

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Share your favorite lucid or non-lucid dream

Postby chaperoo » Thu Jan 12, 2017 5:15 am

I've had a few really cool dreams that seemed pretty significant to me and from some of what I've read on this site, people are having some really wild dreams at night!
I'll share one of mine. It was lucid and actually happened the first night I started reading a book about how to lucid dream. Happened exactly 2 years ago. I've left some of the more boring details out so it doesn't drag on too long. Here goes:

I was walking up a flight of stairs and noticed a snake. I got scared and then realized that it was a very long and wide snake. Since I was afraid, I decided to walk back down the stairs. On my way, I noticed a lot more snakes than were there a minute ago. At this point, I realized the snakes were just part of my imagination, and that there was nothing to fear. I realized I was dreaming!! :D 8-) so I turned around and walked up to the room. At this point, I became much more conscious than I ever remember being in regular dreams.

(skipping a whole section of flying and moving sharp nails from wood)

I'm talking to a man (I wish I could remember more of the dialogue but I don't). He told me that my life will span two segments of Humanity/Civilization/Consciousness (something like that) and asked if I would like to help with the transition. I said yes and naively commented that since the work is done in dreams, it'll be easy because I'll be sleeping. Things now moved onto my orientation/initiation phase. The man had a family and I met them. One of the younger ones asked if I should talk to or meet Cesar. The decision was made that it would be ok and the man tossed a white towel to one of the younger girls. She was wearing a white shirt with a sort of red circle or red face on the front. She bunched up the towel and stuffed it under her shirt behind the red face. At that point, the face came alive or the girl started channeling whoever Cesar is. I don't remember what Cesar said but I do remember that it didn't make much sense to me.

The initiation process continued and I found myself at their compound or home or whatever. I had to wear special sunglasses that were huge. Colors were absolutely amazing. I felt like the man was having a conversation with someone who wasn't present and discussing some problems that he wasn't sure how he was going to solve. There was more talk among the group, of my acceptability as a new helper/worker. I wasn't really part of the conversation but I could hear it. Something about if I had enough money. It was decided that the amount I had in the bank was enough. (I have absolutely no idea what that means. I have more in the bank now, so I guess that's good)

I decided to fly/float around the property and at some point, I could feel it all fading away. The conscious dream faded out and the fully conscious, awake me lying in bed, faded in. I almost couldn't believe what had just happened. It seemed like such a gift.

So, two years later, nothing from the dream seems to have come to life at least that I'm consciously aware of. It's still fun to think about though
I have another one of a DNA vision I might share later.

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