How “changing” the past works according to Abraham’s teachings?

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How “changing” the past works according to Abraham’s teachings?

Post by Jaya » Mon Apr 02, 2018 6:58 pm

Both Bashar and Abraham have said we can change the past. And according to Abraham, as contrast causes us to form preferences, source/our inner being automatically becomes and experiences all of those preferences as our vortex. So if we have a memory of something unwanted happening, but choose to think of it as having gone a different way, the way we want it to have gone - just by virtue of us having formed that preference, mustn’t source automatically be experiencing in the present, that as having been our past? So therefore, the memory we have of the “bad” past, and even any evidence of it that may be in the present, isn’t because we actually experienced it in our timeline, but because we’re creating it in the present for a reason other than it’s what actually happened? So in that way it’s not really “changing” the past, but realizing it never was the real past.
This is how I’m coming to understand it, though I wish I could ask Abraham or Bashar about this directly. Any thoughts?

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Re: How “changing” the past works according to Abraham’s teachings?

Post by ialmostforgot » Mon Apr 02, 2018 9:33 pm

Seth also said the same. I remember someone -maybe Robert or someone else- asked him: but if I change my past, will that past change from the perspective of other people involved in the same past? And Seth said that, it's up to them to accept your new you or not.

They all say basically that we are creating ourselves constantly and the past only has power over us as we recreate it in the present moment. That's why meditation is a technique that works so well when it comes down to focus in the here and now.

Bashar uses a lot the analogy of the changing tracks, and that we are doing it all the time, and that time is a subproduct of that. Millions of parallels realities each second and so on. I experienced this myself even before I knew of Bashar, when I quit smoking. I created in my mind a vision of me that didn't smoke and surrounded myself of the according props (I remember I filled the ashtray with eucalyptus leaves and seeds, silly as it may sound).

So I know that that changing of tracks is possible. But mine was a, let's say, minor change in comparison with changing to a reality where a person did not suffer a sexual abuse or whatever. The amount energetic impact of something like that seems to me would be harder to overcome, but Idk.

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