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Here we go again..

Posted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 6:35 am
by themaster
I as a studier and trainee of the archangels.. they once let slip a little secret... that they purposely brought the slaves to america.. (it was not a accident.. they incorporated that energy and people in the design of america! on purpose) when I heard that i did begin also studying a bit how they work with us down here..

bashar told us (as we all know) in the fall 2016 everything will change! (and indeed it did.. the big event and :shock: of that summer was donald trump) it angered people, it made them want to hold their face in shame etc. I was pretty goddam upset after the election.. what november 9th..? so it was easy for me to resonate with what christine was saying and I still do..


I'm not sure the information "the divine" is giving her about donald trump is right..? I think the election is too a big a deal to leave this to chance.. aka bashar's message was the election was OUR event.. and created for us.. so what's the deal is christine crazy? (I don't invalidate.. a bashar teaching! :) ) so no I look for ways to validate.. so either the divine isn't telling her the 'whole' truth or they are? But I'm going to continue to go with donald trump is not a mistake.. (until I hear/learn different) he was OUR choice, our creation.. 2+ years in the making if we go with bashar's announcement..

Re: Here we go again..

Posted: Sun Sep 17, 2017 2:34 am
by Rokazulu
I am curious to know why you would invalidate a perspective if all truths are true.


Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 3:51 am
by matcha

Re: Here we go again..

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:19 pm
by Rokazulu
matcha wrote:
Yet what should I care if others invalidate or validate? Or if they invalidate invalidation. Or validate validation.
It's fun to talk about!

For me, of course.

Re: Here we go again..

Posted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 1:15 pm
by themaster
I recently decided to have a channel do a reading on christine.. and the basic information I got is the information she's sharing is truth for her.. (but she is allowing ego to distort her words.. some) but as she keeps working on it.. she will work out the distortions and get into a better alignment eventually... but some of the truth or concepts christine shares does not resonate or to me it's wrong.. so she will get it better/eventually that's what i was offered via this channel :) and that's information that does resonate :)


Posted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:34 am
by matcha

Re: Here we go again..

Posted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:43 am
by matcha

Re: Here we go again..

Posted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 1:42 am
by themaster
I contacted christine today to get a reading of my new potential roommate she's done 2 so far... (last year)

But ahh christine told me I'd been unbalanced/biased towards her.. (which is not how I thought of it)
christine wrote:Hi,

Thank you for booking a session with me, but I don’t really understand why you want one. Based on your review of me in the Bashar forum, you don’t have a whole lot of faith and confidence in my gift, so I’m not really sure why you’re booking another session…Image
themaster wrote:that would be incorrect.. you should probably re-read that thread carefully!

or if you want..? I tell you what a channel told me.. I have absolute faith in you.. always have! :)
after she checks it.. she gets back to me with this.. (she is talking about a reddit thread where she was attacked/invalidated stuff like that.. which did happen on a completely different forum/reddit.. even if my usernames = similar..)
christine wrote:That’s not the thread I saw, dude! The one I saw was ripping on me for talking about Mark Foster and stuff. I have to feel comfortable reading for you, you know…
themaster wrote:ohh that one :) lol

ahh as far as I know I didn't act unbalanced in that one.. so I suggest a re-read...? I mean I can't remember exactly what I said.. but I know it wasn't meant to be hurtful.. (I"m just not that kind of guy)

you really are a damn good psychic christine :) normal people couldn't even pick this stuff up.. since you know.. I hide behind usernames :P

It's pretty important to me to validate christine.. and more so.. to be "balanced" if I have wobbles or unbalance..? I fix it.. even my fucking teacher.. "does not". not that, that's wrong :(
christine is a really good psychic to reference these to my PERSONAL NAME/identity cause ahh well, she psychically knows who I am.. etc. vs. the various usernames I post under... and I did lol not because I was laughing at her.. but because.. it's just neat to see her work this way ;)

Anyway I'm not here to defend myself.. or her or create drama!!! (I hate drama :P)
christine wrote:Well, you have free will, so it is your right as a human being to say whatever you want to say about anything and everything - including me. That is your freedom as an individual. However, I also have to be realistic about your reading. I have to be calm, relaxed, and feel comfortable reading for you and unfortunately, I don’t. It’s as simple as that. Therefore, I am going to cancel your reading and process a full refund for you.

In love and light,
themaster wrote:well sorry you feel that way christine.. :( If you check the reddit thread I'm sure you'll see I was fair.. not biased :P (I do know that those attacking you were.. biased.. cause of course I've seen it before with those atheists you triggered :)

if and when you see I'm not feel free to contact me... I do ahh trigger wobbles in people.. and that I do "do" consciously/unconsciously even if it's unconscious to those triggered too..
so to be clear.. I guess I'm not getting my reading.. which is no big deal I can hire someone else.. but this will be a lesson to yah boys.. don't get in a toss up with physics.. they'll catch you everytime! :D

And to be clear I still like christine.. don't have a problem with her.. I still think she's wrong about trump.. and that she will clear these "wobbles"/seeing eventually :) (and even if she doesn't? or I'm wrong? I could care less.. it's not my business)

Also I will have a channel check me in the future..? (it's super important I'm clear.. and not transmitting or engaging in wobbles) and I may track down this reddit thread she's talking about :) and/or post a url.. (because I do check myself!) but I also feel pretty good.. that while I was a bit on the attack (just a bit!) but I didn't step over the line (that's my memory of this thread christine mentioned.. and it was about the same time I created this one)