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Isn't it time...?
Your wider Self (often referred to as your spirit) is the part of you that knows it is more than the individuated human focus that you are currently experiencing. Through its wider focus, your wider Self is aware that it is connected to everything in existence. Awakening/enlightenment is coming to be aware of this wider state of consciousness. To become conscious of it is to begin to directly experience it. This is to open yourself beyond your individuality to connect into the collective state of consciousness that knows itself as that which is creating everything in existence – the knowing you are the One Self.

Your first unfiltered experiences of the wider reality will not only change you more than any mental idea (knowledge), they will light a fire for the exploration of consciousness within you that will fuel your passion for life for years to come. The wider reality is subjective rather than objective. It is personal rather than impersonal. It is reflective and transparent rather than opaque. It is multi-dimensional rather than singular. It is infinite rather than finite. You will experience for yourself that there is no solidity to it. You cannot describe it in words, just as you cannot capture in words the feeling of love, bliss, or seeing the sun set over the ocean.

What is being pointed to here is the realization that how you perceive the wider reality can only ever be a choice. Within the singularity of individuality, the finiteness of our human life, and the absoluteness of physical science, we do not experience a choice in the perception of the outer world. The human experience is that the physical world is external and objective, and our perception of it can be found to be true or false, right or wrong. Understanding that the wider reality does not operate in this way involves opening yourself to multi-dimensional perception. This is how your wider Self perceives reality, so opening yourself to that perception is opening an avenue though which you can directly experience your wider Self and the wider reality it exists within.

Opening multi-dimensional perception begins with letting go of the kind of linear logic that relies on the absolute and the polarity of correct-incorrect. Human perception generally seeks to divide because it has come to be driven more by our fears than what we love. Through our perception we are continually judging what we are perceiving through our fears and we therefore seek to control reality to lead us away from what we fear.

The interplay of our fears and desires creates powerful choices that we experience as dilemmas. It is through these choices that we have the ability to either further compound the stuck (controlled out of fear) energies within us or to free them into fluidity and thereby transformation. This is all done through the resolution of polarizations within us which we experienced as emotionally charged beliefs that we feel ‘right’ or ‘righteous’ about.

A large part of the human experience is being within the illusion that you are constantly choosing between options that are perceived as being better or worse than each other, and value is applied to making the ‘right/best’ choice. This is a cornerstone of the human experience which we designed to be dualistic. Therefore, the opening of multi-dimensional perception is experienced as the transformation of dualistic perception that seeks to divide into the multi-dimensional perception which connects (through the knowing we are all the same One Consciousness infinitely expressed).

This is felt as coming to no longer judge what you are perceiving through the polarity of “Which option is better and which is worse?” It is an opening to: “There is value in experiencing each and every option. Every option is valuable to me. Each option presents a different flavor of the one infinite truth. With all options possessing value, I therefore choose from the feeling of resonance within my heart (which flavor I would like to experience next), knowing that all unchosen options remain available as experiences to me.”

Dualistic perception is based on the idea of limited options while multidimensional perception knows that there are infinite options. It is this realization of the infinite that is transformational because it is what shifts the Self from being contained within the reality it is perceiving, to experiencing that reality as a choice that is flowing from it. Dualistic thinking says, “My choices led me here”. Multidimensional thinking says “Here, the reality before me, is my choice” or more fully “The reality before me is the perfect expression of what I want. I am within the direct experience that my external reality is the manifestation of my choice/will”. This is to know yourself as the creator of your reality. When you understand that all realities are an illusion, to know yourself as the creator of your reality is simply to know yourself as the creator of your perception. When human, we alter our perception by transforming our fear-based beliefs (charged polarities that dominate our perception) and thereby the web of self-chosen meaning that we live within.

A primary key to opening multi-dimensional perception within you is the realization that:
The meaning you live within is what forms your experience of both Self and reality. The meaning you live within is not based on your degree of understanding some solid, external, objective reality. The meaning you live within arises from the knowledge you are choosing to align yourself with.

The meaning you live within does NOT arise from objective knowledge of a fixed external world. The reality you experience, the Self that you experience, arises from that choice. The reality you are experiencing is not some system you are now contained within. It is, in every moment, a 100% choice you are making.

This means that being awakened is to know that there is no force opposing, trapping, limiting, pressuring or resisting you, except yourself. This knowing however cannot be attained through knowledge alone. Me telling you that there is no force that opposes you does not awaken you because with everything you have experienced on Earth you simply cannot believe me, no matter how much you want to. This is why knowledge alone cannot awaken anyone. You have to directly experience it for yourself in order to believe it. And that is to experience your wider Self / the wider Reality.

An awakened being knows truth to be a choice – a choice from which a Self and a reality of that Self arises. Being an awakened human is therefore to relate to your own beliefs as a choice rather than a ‘rightness or correctness’. This is why there can be no righteousness in awakened beings. Righteousness is a clear sign of being asleep.

The knowledge we align with is a choice rather than the description of something absolute, right or correct. Though we can pretend that our spiritual beliefs are just like our scientific beliefs about the physical world which can be outwardly proven to be true or false, the heart of spiritual exploration itself is the realization that all your spiritual beliefs are a choice with which you are shaping your experience of Self. No spiritual belief is any more or less correct than any other. They do, however, have significance in the way they alter your perception and thereby your reality and experience of Self.

There can be no ‘correct’ description of the wider reality, of God, of Nirvana, of enlightenment, that conveys what they are, because they are everything. It is to look at the Infinite. No knowledge, no statement of fact can ever describe what you are, as a spiritual being, to you, any better than the statement ‘You are Infinite. You are God. You are All That Is’.

The basis of my teaching is not so much about knowledge (though a huge repository of ‘perspectives’ has been created through the messages), it is about continually leading the listener (it works much better with audio) into direct experiences of their wider Self. Therefore, what I teach does not describe some absolute, transcendent state of reality; instead it describes a belief system that will provide you with a perceptual avenue through which you can directly experience the wider reality. Your experience of that wider reality will give you the direct knowing that the human experience is based upon an illusion and that you can remain within that illusion, enjoying all that it is offering you, whilst becoming aware of the wider context within which your human experience is occurring.

In experiencing the wider reality you will see everything that is being said here. You will see that it cannot be described in words because it is a mirror in which you see your Self. This is to say that when you look into the Infinite you see your Self. You see yourself in it because it is the infinite matrix of creation, an infinite web of probabilities that contains every possible experience of reality. To be faced with infinite possibility from within a focus is to have to choose. To have to choose is to have to define yourself. It is to step into definition. It is transform your experience of reality through further defining it. To choose is to further define yourself which is experienced as further seeing yourself.

The human experience is a mirror through which we meet the version of our Self that arises out of the choices we make in meeting the meanings that exist on Earth. The dualistic tunnel of choices that arises from a belief in the linearity of time is experienced as a journey of coming to ever further know your Self. This is done through the knowledge you choose to align with as presented to you through the ever-unfolding experience of life.

The realization that to see yourself ever-closer is a perfect description for looking in a mirror is a key to seeing how the reality before you is a reflection. To understand reality as a reflection is to better understand how it cannot be described in words or absolute truth. This is to see that I cannot tell you what you will see in the mirror by describing to you what I see in the mirror. I can only use that as an example of the reflection that I see. Awakening is about seeing the mirror. This is why seeing through the illusion does not destroy it. When a child becomes aware that what they see in the mirror is a reflection and not another child, what that child is seeing does not change, but their perception of it changes. We most easily change our reality not by changing it externally, but by changing how we perceive it.
--Story Waters

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Post by domoc » Sat Sep 02, 2017 4:21 pm

Beautiful. Thanks. :-)

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Post by Mark » Sun Oct 15, 2017 12:55 pm

Hi Alice my name is Mark and regarding to this post I am confident in answering any questions you might still ponder regarding the ability on how to attain mult-idimensional perception/Access?

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Post by Alice » Sun Oct 15, 2017 11:42 pm

Mark wrote:Hi Alice my name is Mark and regarding to this post I am confident in answering any questions you might still ponder regarding the ability on how to attain mult-idimensional perception/Access?
I'd be interested in your own experiences with this.

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