Channeling: Vairz About Dogs, July 25, 2017 & Adronis - How To Communicate With Nature

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Channeling: Vairz About Dogs, July 25, 2017 & Adronis - How To Communicate With Nature

Post by yourownexcitingworld » Tue Jul 25, 2017 3:17 pm

I've been channeling fairly regularly this past month or so. Here's a channeling from an entity that goes by Vairz (to me), that is apparently Ssassani. This channeling is in the form of a Q&A about dogs. At the bottom is a video from a different channels YouTube channel, about communicating with animals and plants.

Do dogs have their own unique personalities?

Yes. They all are unique individuals with their own likes and dislikes, much like you humans.

What is the function or purpose of dogs?

They help humans in a form that expresses back to humans issues that the human may not have resolved. Emotional issues formed from their belief system.

Such as?

They may experience a physical ailment or a habit that reflects back to the owner something they may be neglecting or unaware of.

Are dogs capable of enlightenment like humans?

No, not in the sense that you mean. They are of a different energy frequency vibration. They function in a different way than humans, but they are capable of much, much, much love. They do not navigate reality the same way that a human would.

What can we do to better love dogs?

Be loving in both your feeling AND your actions. Take care of yourself. Love yourself. The animal can sense this. You transmit your energy to the animal even unconsciously. If you can do this, loving a dog may seem quite easy and natural. They also pick up on this. Take care of the two of you, both emotionally AND physically.

What do you think about common dog food?

No. Not that good. Sufficient for a certain length of experience, but look into alternative means. Your dogs originate from wolves. Much of a diet for a wolf can be transferred to MOST dogs.

What about risk of disease or pathogens from raw meats?

Follow your excitement. You may not always need to feed a dog raw meat, but, in a somewhat adapting more of it's diet of origin may prove beneficial.

Can dogs be undomesticated and brought back to the wild?

Some, but, the process may be... very strenuous and time consuming to many people in a way that will truly benefit that dog or breed of dog. Many, the way they have been bred are not necessarily fit for any of your current ecosystems. Many lap dogs do not make the greatest hunters.

What is your view on neutering dogs ('fixing' them)?
Why? How would you like to be 'fixed'?

But what about over population?
We recommend CONSIDERING other possibilities. We are not saying you must or mustn't. This is not what we are trying to convey. Consider other creative possibilities on how you may allow your dogs to live. For some, you may find that not 'fixing' your animal without any unpreferable consequences is fairly easy.

Do you think dogs are over populated?
We think every amount of everything is perfect for your current state of consciousness. Things are quite malleable if you are willing to let g of internal resistance and limitation set by beliefs. Use your imagination.

Any other thoughts on dogs?
Learn to communicate with your animals. Not in the way you normally communicate. The channel can provide a link to a video that is what we suggest. Many of them love being communicated with but you almost never communicate in that form, to the degree you are all capable of. Play. Play with animals. Play with life. Play in work. Play in love.

That is all for this transmission. Woof, woof.

The video:

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