Excitement & Belief Poetry

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Excitement & Belief Poetry

Post by yourownexcitingworld » Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:19 am

Using The Magicians Compass (Acting On Your Highest Excitement)

If I follow what’s most exciting for me
Without insisting how things really should be
My compass, my excitement, will take the lead
And life will provide me with all that I need

And though at times I may feel fear
My compass, my excitement, I always have near
It will guide me through things if I trust what it knows
That I’m really a magician and life is my show

Surprise After Surprise (Letting Go Of Expectation)

Surprise after surprise
Is what you’ll get
You’re a magician
What did you expect?

If expectations
Are ruining the show
Just take your beliefs
And let them go

Surprise after surprise
Is what you’ll give
A growing magician
Learning to live

Into The Mirror (Seeing Yourself In Everything)

I stop and look into the mirror
I feel my passions and my fears.
This mirror so large, infinite in size
Always looks different when I change inside.

Transforming Nightmares Into Fairy Tales (Dealing With What You Do Not Prefer)

What really gives nightmares their unpleasant appeal
Is really defined by how we feel
Without beliefs, fears held within
Nightmare’s have no place to begin
It does not matter if you’re asleep or awake
Negative feelings are what keep their shape
So if you are scared, look deep within
Look for beliefs, where nightmares begin

Let them go and follow your heart
And from a nightmare, something else will start
A fairy tale will begin to grow
Perhaps beyond anything you know
With passion, excitement, joy and life
A fairy tale while awake, both day and night

The Dark Dancers

Do you dance with your shadows?
Or stand against the wall?
Each one sticking to you
Until you perform a new move

Though the Dark Dancers may be daunting
They’re very considerate
They’ll never dance with you
Until it’s time to

For they all know
That you have a right
Freedom of your path
For they
Cannot stick
To your light

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