Oneness, the Art of Distraction

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Oneness, the Art of Distraction

Post by Alice » Fri Jul 14, 2017 4:40 am

A different take on Oneness from this month's Crimson Circle Shoud.
Oneness. Where was it created? What year, what time, by whom? Oh, in about the 1700s, about
my time, even though I didn’t create it. It was for the convenience of the Church. That’s it, pure and simple.
Oneness is not that old. Some people say you can go back into some of the old Buddhist or Hindu teachings
and find it, but not so much. I mean, come on. The Hindus, if they talk about oneness, which once in a while
they do and they like to think that it was talked about five thousand years ago, this is a group of wonderful
people who have 100,000 gods. That’s not oneness (laughter). So when they talk about it, I’m like, “Really?!
Where’s the oneness in 100,000?” Sorry, for all of you Hindus – oh, there are no Hindus watching today.

Okay. There’s two of you. I see you. Yeah. “Hello. Good to see you.” (mimics Indian accent and some chuckles) Is that
politically incorrect, spiritually incorrect?
LINDA: Yes. That was politically incorrect.
ADAMUS: Well, okay. Then the whole thing today is politically incorrect, because I’m talking and acting like an American
(some laughter).
LINDA and AUDIENCE: Ohhh. Oooh! Whoa! (Adamus laughs)
ADAMUS: I don’t know. The ones that aren’t from here are laughing their ass off right now! (more laughter)
SART: Going to hell for that one!
Okay. So, oneness ... the art of distraction. Let’s take a good deep breath.Oneness was kind of created by the Church. Kind of.
“We’re all one. We’re going to go back to the one.” Stay in line. Hypnosis. “We are one. We are one. We are one.
We’re going back to one.” It sounded really good, and you know who really picked it up was the New Thought
people in the late 1800s and it really picked up some momentum in the early 1960s. “We’re all one, because
I’m not ...” (laughter at his “skirt”) “We’re all one, because I’m not worthy to be sovereign. I’m not worthy
of my own divinity. I’ve got to go back in oneness.” Now, how boring is that? That’s a shit bad joke if God
was really that way.

That would be a really bad joke if you die and then –
oooh! you see the white light--oooh!--
it carries you off into oneness. And you would be like, “All that work! I Exist. I Am that I
Am. No! I’m just part of this big milk bowl with everybody else. All that work went for naught! All that
trying to find my identity. I’d rather go back – back to the world of being human than lost in this oneness.
This is so boring. I mean, there’s no identity in this great big oneness. I didn’t even like that person over
there that’s in the oneness and now they’re here too? Everybody gets in! Oh, god! (laughter) If only I can get
out of the oneness I’d go back to Earth and I’d talk to everybody, I’d scream, ‘Don’t go! The oneness sucks!
There’s no sensuality in it! It’s just boring as crap. It’s like being in milk all the time, warm milk, skim milk
(more laughter). It’s never any different! It’s always the same.’ Oh, my good. I had it so good on Earth. Why
didn’t I just appreciate it? I mean why didn’t I appreciate my sovereignty, my unique being?”
And then you’ll probably say to yourself, “You know, I get it now. I get it.” Actually, the Church
kind of was getting there, but they took it down a wrong path, the path of their power.
What was really meant by this statement is “I come into my own oneness. I’ve got all these aspects flying
around out there, all these past lives,” who are, by the way, counting on you right now to
do it in this lifetime, so they’re not floating around. “I’ve got all these parts and pieces, they’re disconnected
and they will always be facets. But it was about bringing those into my oneness, the I Am that I Am.
Many, many facets of the crystal that I am, but a oneness with myself. Oh, my gosh, they missed the point. I’ve got
to go back to Earth and teach ‘I Am the oneness. I am the one,’ and bring all of myself back together – divine and human and Master
and student and all of my past lifetimes and all of the potentials. They’re mine. They’re mine. It’s me.”
Without any further words, let’s just merabh this. Merabh is a verb.
It means to shift consciousness.

Oneness Merabh
The oneness is you. It always was. It’s the sovereign being that you are.
(music begins)
You are not beholden to any being, any being whatsoever. There is no dark entity who could ever, ever, ever
take away your consciousness, your I Am. Some of you hold back from this wing ceiling. You hold back
because you’re afraid that if you go out there that you’re going to be vulnerable to forces that are stronger
than you. It’s more easy down here. There are some demons out there, some bad stuff out there.

When you get over this whole thing that power is real
– because they use power, the dark side uses
power to deceive; there is no power, just take a deep breath and go, “Ah, there is no power” –
that’s when you start really allowing the wings of your dreams to bring you into Realization. But we’re here
right now for oneness. Just feel that for a moment, the “I Am, I Exist” oneness.
Take a good deep breath.
Your oneness. Totally sovereign. Totally sovereign.
Another way to look at it is you’re self-contained.
There is nothing, including energy, that you need outside of oneness, your oneness.
Every aspect, every facet of yourself, every past life, every personality trait in this lifetime is part of that
oneness. They’ve been begging to come home. They’ve been begging you to come back into the sovereign
oneness that you are.
I bring up oneness at the end of our Transhuman Series because it’s really about really letting every part and
piece, every aspect and every facet know that it’s time now. No more dallying around. No more hanging out
in the periphery of the I Am. No more taunting you, mocking you, as some of the aspects do.
You’ve got so many parts of yourself, of the oneness, that simply want to come back. They want to go on
this ride with you. They can’t do it if they’re all dissociated, disconnected.
So, we sit here in a gathering like this at the end of Transhuman before we really start soaring in our next
series, and simply feel into the oneness. That’s all you have to do, just feel into the I Am oneness of yourself.
And when you do, it takes all those parts and pieces, even if you think they’re broken, wounded, hurt,
traumatized. It brings back the masculine and the feminine. It brings back the good and the bad, the light and
the dark, and it puts you kind of in ... I see it as kind of a huge orb, a multifaceted orb. It brings everything
back to that orb, that glowing shimmering shape that you are with millions and millions of facets, different
edges to it. And when you back way far away to observe, it’s like it’s just one huge shimmering ball of light.
When you get up really close, it’s millions of perfect facets; millions and millions of edges, you could say,
facets on this orb, every one perfect.
Oh, you know, there are some of these facets, there’s almost like fragments of, kind of like crystals, glass
that were floating around outside of this orb, tentative, not sure they wanted to come into it, come back
home; like space debris, like stuff – the rings of Saturn stuff –
just in orbit around it. But when we take a deep breath here and allow, well, I’ll stop talking and just let you have that experience.

When you take a deep breath, let yourself feel what happens with all that debris that was floating around
outside of the orb.
Take a good deep breath.
It’s just all about Allowing. Remember, the mind can’t put all these pieces together. The human self is not responsible for
enlightenment. It’s just about Allowing. When you sense into this beautiful orb, the oneness of you,
your sovereignty, it’s like calling all the parts and pieces back home.
(longer pause)
This is transhumanism, what I call transhumanism. This is the coming back to Self. This is the metamorphosis
from all the parts and pieces that were laying all over the cosmos, that were laying all over time and space,
fragments of yourself. And the real transhumanism is allowing these all to come back together.
Remember, you can’t mentally put them back. You can simply allow.
(longer pause)
You’ve had a lot of struggles with what you call aspects and parts of yourself. They’re the reason for a lot
of doubts. They’re the reason for a lot of dreams being diminished, held back.
Now will you just take a deep breath into the oneness, the sovereignty of you?
Some of the very early teachings of the Essenes and Gnostics, they talked about oneness. Not about oneness
in all the universe; they were talking about the oneness of the Self. It got distorted. It got misunderstood.
How easy it is to hypnotize people when you talk about oneness, kind of 1984-ish, kind of Big Brother.
But in these early teachings, which we’ll talk about in some of our Shouds and definitely in Keahak, I’ll
bring some of them back up. These early teachings were about the true nature of sovereignty, oneness of the
being, the integrated being, the oneness within yourself.
And while it may seem so logical, I guess, so natural, there’s a huge resistance to it. It means accepting and
allowing yourself. Going beyond the doubts. Going crazy, I guess you would say. But what is crazy?
Let’s take a deep breath in our form of transhumanism: Evolution of body, mind and spirit into a Body of
Consciousness; evolution going beyond ancestral biology; natural evolution beyond the fears of the mind.

Our form of transhumanism is not to work on these things, not to put the human in the way of a natural
process of enlightenment, but for the human to be a participant and to allow with their divine, with their
oneness. For the human to realize that they are not responsible for their Realization. They’re just being
asked to allow and experience. Where there’s no effort, where it’s simply allowing, trusting.
Our form of transhumanism is knowing that the body, the biology can absolutely heal itself without any
outside interference other than maybe a walk in nature or sitting in a warm bathtub.
Our form of transhumanism is not to collect and store all the data that we possibly can, like human computers do,
but to realize we need to store nothing. Nothing. We don’t have to store data, facts and figures, because
there is this thing called the knowingness. It’s like your personal oneness cloud. It’s your own knowingness,
and it doesn’t store data like the mind does. It doesn’t remember like the mind does, but the knowingness
just knows. And it doesn’t know until it needs to know. That’s the beauty of it. It’s not a storage place – your
knowingness, your gnost.

The best way to put it is knowingness operates outside of time and space. Therefore, it doesn’t have to be
linear. It doesn’t record dates. If there’s something you need to know and it occurred in the past, it goes to the
past. It doesn’t store it, it’s just there. It’s I Am Here. It’s a consciousness.

The human mind no longer needs to store memories and information and have its secret vaults where it
stores your identity imprint. You’ll go beyond all of that. That’s our transhumanism.
We don’t need big computers embedded in our being. We simply go to knowingness. It’s always there. It
needs no energy whatsoever, this thing called knowingness.
It’s always there. That’s our transhumanism, our oneness.
Where will humans go with technology? A lot of potential different directions. I’ll keep you posted about
it, but I’m not so drawn to spending a lot of time on that. I’d rather talk to you about
your transhumanism.
I ask – while we’re in this merabh – I ask you to feel one thing. I ask you to feel that seven years commitment,
once there is the Realization, to stay embodied for at least seven years. It was a commitment to yourself--and
it may be longer, it might be much longer--but to stay. Not to fly out of the body. Not to leave the planet,
but to stay. I invite you to feel into that.
I would say that there’s a joy in that feeling, a true joy.

Let’s take a good deep breath together in this weekend of independence here in the United States of America,
a Republic, not a democracy. Here in the land of the free and the home of the brave.
But I want you to take a look, really feel into this between now and our next gathering, the analogy between
America and what you would now call the developed Earth; but America, the desire for freedom, the desire
for a better life and then what’s happening right now with Old Earth and New Earth. Not much different,
my friends.

Yes, just like the pioneers who came over here and set up this new place, they missed where they’d come
from. They missed family and traditions and they missed ways, whether they’re from Europe or Asia or
South America, they missed a lot of it. But they were pioneers. They came over for freedom.
Now we have New Earth and Old Earth. New Earth where – and Theos – where we’re setting up really the
next round of freedom. It doesn’t mean that you can’t still be here on this Earth or come visit any time you
want. I know you’ll never choose another regular incarnation, but just like the pioneers who came over to
America, set up their colonies, which turned into towns, which turned into cities, once in a while they’d go
back and visit. They’d go back and visit Ireland or England or France and they would realize they could never go back. They
had too much freedom, too much new. They could never go back. It was nice to visit, but they could never go back.
Let’s take a good deep breath on this beautiful day. A good deep breath into your oneness

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