Perfectly Timed Channeling -- Jenny Schiltz

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Perfectly Timed Channeling -- Jenny Schiltz

Post by matcha » Thu Apr 20, 2017 6:30 am

Hello, Jenny Schiltz just posted a channeling that meant something to me. It is contradictory to some Bashar teachings. One in particular that I have referred to often in this last day. Sorry, I am attempting to channel my thoughts into writing.

Jenny Schiltz challenged the concept of 'Mirroring,' and I want to write about how her challenge can be true without overriding anything that Bashar has said about Mirroring in the Past. Two concepts that appear to negate one another, making one true and the other false often do not really do such. If you think Multidimensionally. Only the challenge should help provide a deeper understanding of the Mirroring process.

Yet, I am afraid people will be unable to hear this message from Jenny without losing beliefs they have held on to and beliefs that have helped them climb up from the pits of despair.

So read this Jenny Schiltz channeling only if you are able to think Mulidimentationally. I can only just barely understand myself how one can contradict the Mirroring concept without shattering it. I would need to write much more to get this understanding out into words.

This message might be releasing for you.

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