Bashar's videos will be back in 90'ish days..

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Bashar's videos will be back in 90'ish days..

Post by themaster » Tue Feb 21, 2017 7:48 am

I'm not a expert in youtube copyright stuff.. but I believe I read for my video and probably all taken down if the owner justs watches the youtube's copyright school thing? they all get put back up in 90 days..? (maybe that sounds too easy?) and this also must not be 3 copyright strikes which is part of googles flagging system I guess?

But I will be seeing if mine is backup after the time expires next month.. then I'm pretty sure all my others are down.. so then maybe I'll try fix them if I get the 1 back? :? :P (I only put up like 6 total.. but if I had to guess? there all doa right now) :)

Now I do not mean darryl's video problem with youtube.. I do mean all the ones that BC took down like mine.. that's what I mean!
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