Tried the 15 minute meditation?

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Tried the 15 minute meditation?

Postby Alice » Mon Jan 09, 2017 8:33 pm

I haven't, but am thinking this could be key...

So there is automatic focus, automatic intention. If then, in what you call a peaceful state, a meditative state, or a focused state, you allow yourself to image that passionate idea, that manifestation that is desired and feel it and build that energy up in your energy -- in your emotions, in your passion -- build that energy up to a peak over a course of simply 15 minutes and no longer, sometimes even less, when you get proficient at it, you don't always need all 15 minutes, but 15 minutes at the most is all that is necessary for you to activate the idea of the wheels of the gears and put it in motion with regard to the idea of allowing the invisible to become visible, but when you do that, when you build it to a peak, over a course of a few minuets or 15, the next step is to completely and utterly LET IT GO, FORGET ABOUT IT! STOP CARING ABOUT IT. LET IT GO AND SURRENDER IT UTTERLY TO THE HIGHER SELF. LET THE HIGHER SELF DO THE JOB!!!!

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