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Welcome to 2017!

Postby matcha » Mon Jan 09, 2017 3:47 am

It has now been over a week since the New Year.
It is 11 days till Trump takes office.

I was browsing the old sites I used to follow now labeled 'fake news.' I would have had a totally different view of the election if I hadn't given up that stuff in order to be more positive.

I am tempted to watch the latest Divine Cosmos and see how David Wilcock's reality is fairing.

I have come to a conclusion. As everything that we can imagine exists... Bashar is right that David is tapping into certain timelines. However, there are other people who imagine the government to be a perfectly trustworthy place (mainly little children.) So this too is true.

So the news that Trump is the face of the alliance is in certain realities true.
Yet, there are those who see Trump as the face of Hitler, and they imagined it so in some reality that too is true.

Now I ask you, which do you prefer?
Somehow, we navigate through multiple realities. If it were as simple as wanting a reality in order to navigate to it, we would all have won the lottery the first time we played.
So does preference have any impact on the reality we end up in?

You see realities are mostly built in the head.
We came into the world and there were sight and sound. Bit by bit we decided what the sound meant. We decided some sights were scary and others lovely. Yet, as everything is here and now. We are in the same spot we have been in our whole lives. We imagined that there were other spots and created them in an alternate reality. A great deal of the places we believe exist, we have never been to. We were told and shown pictures of these locations. We assumed they were real. A great deal of the things we believe, we have no actual experience with. We were told about a corrupt government and we choose to believe it. We were told about extraterrestrials and we choose to believe it.

We shaped the reality we choose to believe. Yet, a good deal of these realities, do not necessarily ever enter into anyone's physical existence.

I took part in a study, that had a lot of questions about paranoia. They asked me questions and then showed me a powerpoint saying that people with my condition jump to conclusions based on little evidence. If a family member parks in the middle of the driveway. They jump to the conclusion that the family member is trying to trap them in the house. (Apparently, this individual is very disconnected from the ability to go anywhere without a car.) Another person notices white powder on a tabletop and concludes that someone is trying to frame them as having cocaine.

They imagined this reality, so it is just as true as the reality where their family member is just horrible at parking, or someone was baking bread and forgot to clean up. They now have a choice of realities to live in. Which would you choose?

So do you choose to carry the belief that Trump is Hitler? Do you choose to think he is a savior? Do you choose to think he is at least someone who will do his best to help the country?

Each of these realities is true. Just as the reality where Hillary was going to save the country was true to some. Just as the reality where Hillary was part of Pizzagate was true to some.

People with my 'condition' do not jump to any more conclusions than anyone else. However, without a little wisdom, people with paranoia have a tendency to jump to the worst conclusion. They create a world of limitations and restrictions when they could create the world where Unicorns poop rainbows (which can be found on old youtube videos.)

I have an imaginative mind. It can come up with conclusions to jump to and different realities to live in on the drop of a dime. My condition is Schizoaffective Bipolar Disorder. The New Age community seems to often want me to jump to the conclusion that the medication I take, I do not need. That the Medical System is labeling me with a condition to make money off me.

However, the reality where medication is helpful and designed to keep me in balance is just as real. The reality where the Doctors are trustworthy and wanting to help me is just as real.

A great deal of me is attached to this reality of the system being mainly good. A great deal of me believes if I go off medication, I might become unstable, and due to this part of me, if I go off medication, I will become unstable.

I think when I went into my Mania, I went into manifestation overdrive. Whatever world I was living in before that point, is not the one I was in after. I had no knowledge of Bipolar disorder before I was diagnosed. Why? Because in the reality I originated from, it didn't exist.

I was unstable so I jumped to a reality where Doctors had a way of at least making me feel helped. I am not saying I was unstable because of what Doctors told me. Instead, it was because of my experience. I had no reality to base myself in. Anything and everything could have been true. My sense of what reality was, was shattered. So from this state I built a new reality.

Strangely enough, this reality held a lot of paranoid elements. Really people are now talking about a shadow government, Pizzagates, good and bad ETs. This reality is a reflection of the illness that was within me. This stuff didn't exist in my childhood because I was on a different timeline then.

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