Bashar Communications, free Bashar, please.

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Bashar Communications, free Bashar, please.

Post by AlwaysBeNice » Fri Dec 23, 2016 1:31 pm

Hello Bashar Communications!

You have received one of the greatest gifts to offer to this planet. A great, clear and unmatched channel of communication between us and advanced ET beings.
All of earth's citizens can have access to that contact and it comes as a response to our collective invitation!

No more discrimination, all can watch!
This day we can produce an infinite amount of digital copies for no extra production cost!
You don't need to ask 25-35 dollars every time, too expensive for most people on the planet to watch the full sessions, which causes just 1% of the fans to watch the full shows.

The price can be free!
The 0.3% of the fans attend each live session, this brings in 28.000 dollars in profit each session.
If you free the material you can ask the rest of the 99,7% for a donation, making even much more.
That should be more than enough and:
Win: Now all can watch and more people will be reached (freed on youtube, free to go viral)!
Win: Probably much more money for you!
Win: The info changes the world; spiritually, scientifically, mentally and health wise.

And another win, this also would allow for the creation of the Bashar library to happen almost instantaneously and effortlessly.
As many fans have already attempted to do for many years, now you can allow them to contribute to make the Bashar library as we desire.

And with a searchable data base with all the information, we can make it so that with this change every question can be new and fresh because everyone can see easily see the previous relevant info, (also hello scientists finding breakthroughs!).

If you agree you can comments here or tell them via: or go to Darryl Anka or April Rochelle on facebook.

(source on some of the numbers
Best evidence for UFOs:
Evidence for the soul
The experiences that verified Bashar for me:

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