2015 - 2016 Expansion and Contraction

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2015 - 2016 Expansion and Contraction

Post by themaster » Sat Dec 03, 2016 5:30 pm

Okay this is my own transcribe of this lecture.. it's not a 100% accurate cause I did skip a few words /phrases
Okay, I wrote out my own version of the predictions from "2015 - 2016 Expansion and Contraction 2014-12-07" about minute 20 this is not 100% accurate but feel free to fill in the parts to make it right for this 10-20 minute dialogue..

# 1. 2015-2017 and now with the highest probability focal point, being sometime around the fall of 2016.. your world will in some way shape or form, finally realize that extra terrestrial life in some form is a fact. And you will no longer believe that you are alone in some way, you will know for "a fact" that life is possible on other planets it will not just be a conjecture, it will no longer be a speculation, Bashar also says not to embellish the information "basically no expectations"

Bashar said this knowledge will change the mindset of our reality probability = 98% from 2015-2017

fall of 2016 = 75-80% A abrupt change to the economic situation - A downturn or contraction in our economic system
which will bring about positive changes (expansion) in a re-doing of it.. "will create a different mindset"

1st thing will happen "complete revamping of taxation system" and then a revamping with new ideas/new implementations by 2020 by 2025-2030 completely revamped. for a planetary global system this has a probability of 87-95% happening beginning with the contraction of fall of 2016

in the election/politics of 2016 it will appear to be "same old, same old" but that will set the stage for revamping of "taxation" and then in 2020 you yourselves will create a new event (completely historic event) at 88% probability which is a fundamental change in the political system

in your science systems 2015, 2016 up to 2020-2025 a high degree of probability that you will finally allow yourself to have practice/effective alternate energy system that can be mass-produced what "you" typically call "free energy" it will mature as a technology to be ready in 2020-2025

so again a technology will be demonstrated 2015/2016? and then matured into a useful product to be mass-produced in 2020 or later is what I heard...

this will be predicated by a contraction (negative event as how the world see's it) 2017, 2018 maybe 2019 at the latest there is a high degree 98% probability there will be a terrorist action... in the same tone of contraction energy there is a very highly likely event stretching almost to 100% (just shy of it) there will be another nuclear meltdown (we haven't learned our lessons from fukushima right?) these things will spur energy in new directions that will allow for the final allowance of new forms of energy on the planet.. and start from 0 in certain areas of science, politics and societal and work together by 2020.. it will usher in a "new age" that is similar to your space race that in only 1 decade you went from 0 space travel at all to landing on the moon, and YES :D you did land on the moon! :) (just to clear that up!) ;)

And so.... you will again in 2020, usher in another era like this, where you will find in that decade from 2020 to 2030 you will find inventions and capabilities you never believed possible will start springing up on your planet and in working together you will find that you will be capable of having abilities and adventures far beyond what you thought your societies were capable of because you will finally be focusing yourself in a way where you will use your resources in a coordinated way you did back then and when you do that you will be capable of almost anything. And that will really begin to turn things around and that will accelerate the window of open contact so you will finish out the window of 2030-2033 having a absolute disclosure of open contact


Over the next 50 of your years you will experience the idea of the rising of your oceanic levels, as more of the ice on your planet begins to melt.. you will find that this will eventually begin to tip to reverse the process around the year 2050 the oceanic levels are at their relevant highest 35 to 50 feet higher then they are now.. that it will begin to reverse and temperatures will begin to drop we will go into a minor ice age..

Because this is a natural cycle that you have accelerated with your technology's you will find that this reversal will also be accelerated you will find this will take 50 years.. rather then taking a few hundred years of the natural cycle.. you will find many things will begin to change as many of your coastal cities will be underwater.. but you will work it out over time.

High degree of probability in the 90's probability = 90+% by 2020-2025 at the latest you will be able to confirm historically the existence of atlantis.. someone will finally find the last "hall of records" that exists in that time frame.. this will usher in a completely revamped version of our history.. and many of your history books will need to be re-written.. fortunately for you your doing this "digitally" now.. so it won't be that difficult. ;)

You will also find in "hall of records" not all but some of what was lost in the library of Alexandria will be found.. so you will gain much knowledge that has been lost to you in the last centuries.. and this will usher in a new "golden age" a new atlant'een age..

bashar mentions that through 2015-2017 more predictions/reflections-readings of energy will be offered. aka more predictions are coming like this list...
I really don't like signatures.. but here goes.. my public talk with b https://vimeo.com/218534595

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