My Short Interpretation of Consciousness and How It Interacts with Reality Through the Laws of Quantum Mechanics

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My Short Interpretation of Consciousness and How It Interacts with Reality Through the Laws of Quantum Mechanics

Post by iaowg » Fri Nov 04, 2016 2:51 am

This is just my interpretation and my interpretation thus far that I am aware has concluded to. There are sources explaining all of this in different ways but in relation to me I have not encountered like-minded individuals but individuals who are into data and trying to understand what is beyond in linear fashion.

Consciousness to my definition is that which is aware of itself. That which is.
Energy is consciousness giving attention to thought and thus vibrating to the currently existing reality that represents that vibration of thought.
Now how can the fact that consciousness is what gives birth to reality be proven? It is quite simple for me to explain, but in order for you to fully understand you must structure these concepts, these ideas in a multidimensional way in your transmitting/receiving mechanism that is your brain and thus physical mind.

Our scientists have managed to teleport atoms. This is an incredible accomplishment in the quantum physics field. Why, you may ask? Because teleportation implies that the atom(arrangement of particles forming whatever combination) at location A is not the same as the one in location B. It is not the same because when the atom is teleported it is not that it's been teleported, but the vibration that represents the arrangement of particles has been assimilated into awareness.

What teleportation means and the science behind it is that in order for one to observe this "teleported" atom one must deliberately access other realities, billions! Billions because teleportation explains that movement is actually not a thing. Because the atom in position A is not the atom in position B. Therefor this implies that your arm also in location A is not the same one as the one in location B. So in order for the illusion of motion to have been conceived it must obviously mean that we are accessing multiple similar realities representing the arranged particles and atoms to form this universe and thus experience the concept of space and time.

This is all quantum physics; quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics because it is actually the fundamentals explaining how this universe can interact with consciousness. This universe includes your body because your body is a structure part of the larger structure.
The double slit experiment is also proof of this. Proof because the whole experiment implies probability and thus probability implying infinite probable paths for these particles to land in position left or position right. Infinite number of universes had to have been accessed in order to create the actual animation of that particle to have landed wherever it is that landed.

This brings us back to biology. What do you think you are doing when you deliberately calm yourself after you get frustrated? You are quite literally creating new neural connections that reflects your state of being. If you were not able to do this then you would just be enslaved to the concept of space and time. Free-will would not be a thing because the concept of space and time implies linearity and in the concept of a linear universe nothing can be changed because it is by definition linear. Free will is not a thing in a linear universe because whatever action you think you are to take was destined and you are only thinking that you are making that choice because of the way your neurons were arranged to make you feel the sensation of making the choice.

Obviously this is not so because quantum physicists understand that when they are conducting such experiments their observations play a big role on the probable outcomes and thus we are pointed back to consciousness. Because consciousness obviously is to be aware and we are aware. But this does not imply that the brain is what creates consciousness... It implies that consciousness creates the brain and therefore everything this focusing mechanism that we know as "our bodies" and the entire larger structure where this mechanism belongs to by shifting it's vibration and thus attracting infinite projected static realities(a reality by definition is unchangeable thus static) onto our awareness necessary of creating the sensation and experience of the experience of the concept of space and time.

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