An experiment that proves parallel realities

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An experiment that proves parallel realities

Post by wildwestrom » Tue Jan 23, 2018 12:10 am

Because I believe that this information will help raise the collective consciousness, I will share the instructions to an experiment told by Bashar on how to empirically prove the existence of parallel realities.

With enough people knowing about this experiment, someone may actually decide to actually do it. Then this will really shift the collective consciousness, now that they have scientific proof of parallel realities. Of course, I will pull my resources together to make this happen myself but until then, I encourage everyone to try this themselves and tell others about this method.

9/30/2006 "Living your Excitement" Part 4 55:42:
A: We can also describe an actual scientific experiment that could be done to actually prove [parallel realities, you create your own reality]. You understand the process on your planet that is called hypnosis, yes?

Q: Yes.

B: Alright. This is actually a very strong technique to unlock you from one reality assumption and allow you to focus on others. One actual experiment that could be done to literally prove this, would be to have a series of chambers, one inside the other, each big enough to contain people, and what you can do is you can hypnotize people to tell other people in the inside chamber that one particular kind of thing will happen in the next chamber and then hypnotize that person to tell another person that thing will happen in that chamber and hypnotize that person to tell another person that a particular kind of thing will happen in that chamber and in each of those chambers you can have cameras. In the outer reality chambers the cameras will record one thing, in the inner reality chambers the cameras will record whatever those people absolutely believe they would see in that chamber. You will have two different realities on tape. Do you understand this? Because if you get everyone in one reality to believe a certain thing, it completely affects everything about that reality, and if the person doesn't know that there's another reality to believe in, then that is the overriding vibration in that chamber and gets recorded by everything that does record in that chamber, and you can actually see on two side-by-side monitors two completely different realities happening.

Q: And these similar realities are viewable within this reality.

B: Yes, because you are creating isolated bubble realities through the hypnotic technique of convincing someone that there is only one kind of reality on that side and another kind on this side. So in other words, you could have the belief system that it's not possible for you to pass your hand through a plate of steel. But if you convince someone in the inner reality through hypnosis, to convince someone through hypnosis, to convince someone through hypnosis, so there's no way to trace back to the original belief, that there is no plate of steel, in the inner chamber, you will actually see someone pass their hand through something that to them is really not there. You understand?

Q: So in terms of surpassing and dealing with the limitations that we put on ourselves can we then self hypnotize to the point where we...

B: That's what you do all the time.

Q: But we just don't do it in the right way.

B: That's what beliefs systems are. You are hypnotizing yourself.

Q: And we're entirely capable of putting a different program in there.

B: Yes, you are. With an overriding understanding that you can hypnotize yourself to something else. Yes. Does that help?

Q: Yes, as always.

B: And?

Q: [Struggling] So much of it depends on

B: It all depends on choice.

Q: If you have, let's say the physics experiment where they have a Schrödinger's cat.

B: Yes.

Q: And the cat is either alive or dead.

B: And of course you know the answer is that the cat is both alive and dead. Because that represents two different parallel realities. If you did it in the way we just described this experiment, you could actually record the cat being both alive and dead. You will see both simultaneously co-occurring parallel realities.

Q: And there is an opportunity for either to exist equally...

B: They do exist equally.

Q: ...exist equally until the observer comes along and then it's their belief system that then collapses that wave function into dead or alive.

B: Yes. You bring your belief system into it, and you decide at that point which shall be the effect in your reality unless, as I said, you bring a belief system in that you are capable of perceiving both realities simultaneously.

Q: Ah.

B: I am simply suggesting a technological way to do that because some of you will believe in the power of the technology a little bit more easily than the power of your own belief system. So you can set yourself up, through hypnotic suggestion, to actually experience that through literal physical recordings. because you see if you bring someone in as an observer that has absolutely no idea what the experiment was then there will be no bias at all and they will actually be capable of telling you that they see one recording on one monitor and a completely different result on the other monitor because they have no idea what you did to get those two recordings so there will be no contradiction in their mind that both recordings can exist side-by-side. You see? You need to constantly remove someone from the belief system level though that would in a sense allow them to collapse it one way or another. That's what the hypnosis is for, and that's what the idea is for of a blind observer who has no idea what the experiment is so they can actually tell you that they can see both results side by side without bias.

Q: And how do we break our circuit sufficiently to be able to exist in that state?

B: You can start by understanding it is possible, and believing that it is possible, and conducting the experiment.

Q: Cool.

B: There's that temperature again.

Q: [Laughter] I love you so much.

B: Our unconditional love to you and remember that your own imagination will supply you with many other techniques other that what we have suggested here in this communication, and at this time we will say to each and every one of you our deep appreciation for each and every individual who has participated in the co-creation of this interaction. You all make a difference and we love each and every one of you unconditionally. You are all beautiful, you are all perfect as you are even though you will change, and each and every one of you is a teacher for everyone else as well as a student of everyone else. We thank you for this interaction and bid you a fond, exciting, creative, and loving good day.

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Re: An experiment that proves parallel realities

Post by Alice » Thu Jan 25, 2018 8:49 am

Thank you, great one. That experiment does sound a bit complicated to carry out, seems it could be more of a thought experiment like Schrodinger's Cat. Hope you do get to try it, let us know!

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Re: An experiment that proves parallel realities

Post by Arouet » Thu Jan 25, 2018 8:27 pm

Chamber of Secrets? :lol:

I AM a Precursor!

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