Our physical universe

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Our physical universe

Post by SandyLivs » Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:55 pm

In what sense does bashar mean when he talks about our independent physical universe (stars, planets, earth) if we totally create our own universe from our own conscious? How do we all share and interact these same objects will if we all create our own? If I create everything totally from scratch on my own how do other people also see them? I don't understand. Sorry if my English is bad thank you x

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Re: Our physical universe

Post by Rokazulu » Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:05 pm

We share the ideas and symbols of the physical universe, but there are no objects "out there". As each individual creates the external in their own reality.

I usually would stop at that statement, but I may have a deeper way to look at this idea that could help you to comprehend it.

All That Is, is already all that can be imagined in every dimension in every conceivable way and in many ways our current level of consciousness cannot even conceive of yet. You have come into consciousness of a particular amalgamation of colors, sounds, light, energies and so on that coalesce into the single experience of here on Earth. You could have chosen anywhere, in any dimension, in any slice of reality or parallel reality. You chose here. You created this 100% out of the infinite possibilities of the ALL.

Now, I happen to be an entity in your reality that SEEMINGLY "shares" your physical world. But, from MY creator hood perspective, I just so happen to be in the exact slice of reality that you happen to reside in and I happen to have the same continuity of experiences as you, since we seemingly share the same Earth history. But, this is all arbitrary and can easily change as you shift into different slices of parallel realities and make different connections with different energies.

You might have already branched into a significantly different parallel reality and will reply to a different parallel me where the me I am now (and NOW, and NOW!) will be wistfully unaware of the interactions you two will share later in the thread. In which case I will simply have no memory of our interaction because it may (or may not) literally be a different version of me you interacted with or never interacted with. But that is ok! Because surely we will still have our own interactions of whatever versions of ourselves we chose to be anyways!

Thus, you are simply creating a version of me and a version of the physical universe for you to play in and experience.

Does this at all make sense?
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