this is interesting

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this is interesting

Post by love76 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 11:27 am

well many months ago i saw a channeller. Noone famous as Bashar but well known and respected in his country (not english speaking).
So the chaneller told me about how someone i knew casually as a worker/friend was an old karmic love ... apparantly i would come to find out what it was i needed to know before i finally went my own way in this life and continue creating my reality.
I was pretty happy and reached out to the worker thinking that that person was my friend.
So anyway the worker who was a soul ex mate (from a past life) wasnt very spiritual, open and (low vibration) . Treated me badly as a friend like a narcisst would.
so i wasnt able to find out what it was i was supposed to know, and that even reduced my own vibration. At the same time another friend killed themself.

BUT i took bashars advice (and booked a holiday to have some fun) :D i did have in the large amount fun despite some low vibe people around me (and i made some new friends) those who helped my vibe rise :) etc

Anyway when i got back , i was called to a meeting and in the meeting were some new people... we all hit it off it was fun... and we became friends :D
the funny thing is now one of my new friends is in someways so similar to the worker... but so so nice to me and open to spiritual stuff.

I now realise that this other person was a split from the worker (you know when someone has 2 incarnations at the same time... as all is in the NOW) they dont know each other but they have the same job,
AND I was supposed to find out what i needed to know through that person. AND it was good stuff, nice stuff. things that raise my vibe. Now free to continue knowing im creating reality.
So basically wanted to share that story as it was indeed interesting lol

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Re: this is interesting

Post by openmindedskeptic » Mon Jan 15, 2018 3:45 pm

Cool! Very interesting story, Love76, thanks for sharing.... Reminds me of the Delphic Oracle, it correctly predicted things for the ancient Greeks, but the trick was to interpret the prediction correctly and/or possible variations on the assumptions attached to the interpretation. There can be several ways to understand a ;)

Glad you have received nice things from this part of your journey.....


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