Bashar has often said

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Bashar has often said

Post by themaster » Mon Dec 28, 2015 11:17 am

"you are in non-physical.. creating the dream of physical" (something like that) :roll:

In another translation bashar could have just said.. " you are jacked into the matrix.. creating this illusion around you.. and your so unconscious, so broken you can't find your way out again/eject button/more control/red pill" (warning even though this 'analogy' is supposed to be helpful.. everything you i-magi-ned was "physical" so it actually doesn't count for non-physical)

(also remember bashar has referred to reality as 'holographic' and people as 'your version' of e'm)

Mostly I personally have thought.. what the hell can you do with this?? :shrug shoulders:

But today.. I heard a new piece of channeled information.. I have never heard before :o not possible, right?

I the master.. know everything!! So it's not possible for me to learn something new... is it??


But this is what I heard..

- jesus died/his physical body was brutally damaged/even knew his death was coming 2000 years ago.. and planned it and participated in it.. consciously.

but what is not talked often unless you happen to be listening to adamus.. or this particular channel which will go 'unnamed' anyway..

Jesus/yeshua was resurrected.. he came back from the dead.. he kept teaching.. but also got called 'devil' a lot.. (people have a lot of bias for teachers who come back from the dead! ;) ) said hello to his disciples etc. (made a few e'm think they were insane or heavily intoxicated ;) ) he also fathered some kids.. in paris.. but here is something I didn't know/never heard before..

He projected his consciousness from non-physical.. he looked human.. but wasn't.. now see I'm coming back to the point I started from.. these are the words of the channel about that..

he projected himself consciously from NON-physical! Where as you project yourself unconsciously.. (this is a reference to humanity/you if you don't get it?)

wow, holy fuck! this connects back to a bashar teaching.. so there yah go? :)

yep your unconsciously.. projecting yourself from that matrix pod.. try not to get yourself flushed :D :lol:
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