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Voices in my Head

Post by TheInventor » Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:43 am

Been working on healing energy for my cat Love. She caught cancer about 2 months ago. It increased alot, however last check by Vet, her cancer has abated for now.

For weeks been doing healing work on her. Have I posted I was imprinted with Reki 3rd level symbols. Upgraded Love's Water w more vibrational energy power. In Bashars Event. Bashar gave info on a "Burning Ritual" you take a piece of paper...draw your preferred Reality..>>>then burn the paper; then two things happen, 1. because the burning processes releases carbon atom (now imprinted with the vibrational energy of your desired reality) they are scattered to thw winds...creating links from where you are now, pathways back to you of your desired reality. 2. the burning process also is a accleration of atoms and vibrations that are embued into the created image. Bashar called this "Vibrational Physics"

I did this 20plus years ago; I had a astral vibration of a woman very dear to me (that died from abuse of diet pills and cocaine (recreational use...her model friends in mid 1990's brought the stuff, She got Access to very exclusive clubs) in this dream. I eventually had used the "Burning Ritual" as a last resort action. In the dream She died from Heart Failure.

about 9 years later, I did infact die from Heart Failure. It was one of the written conditions of the burned contral. I did write "I give my love...I give my life...I give my love my life tonight"

And of couerse I used another "Get out of Dead Card" and moved to reality where I "lived" outcome of the Heart Failure.

As I said..."Very Dear to me"

Juptier and Venus Conjunction is right now. Using the Venus Love connection to Jupiter is strong right now

Good time to draft and envision your dreams....burn the paper

And of Course "Let go and Allow it to happen"

Oh for a week the musical phrase; its been bouncing in my head

"spirit and the world that is inside of me"

"spirit and the world that is inside of me"

"spirit and the world that is inside of me"


nice chorus line,googled it. and I got

No results found for "spirit and the world that is inside of me".


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