NEW permission slip animation - from Dolphin ET event

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NEW permission slip animation - from Dolphin ET event

Post by spacetribe » Thu Nov 09, 2017 5:48 am

Here is a new animation, three infinity symbols intersecting with a dot traveling on each that reaches the center at the exact time the other dots do:
(Youtube has a 'loop' option when you right-click the video for long viewing)

This is from the Dolphin ET event (2006), where Bashar said even a minute of visualizing this is very good for you as it activates the pineal and corpus collosum (nerve connection between the two hemispheres).

HOWEVER my testing of watching this indicates that the full result takes around 20 minutes in terms of achieving the full cognitive benefit. You can watch it for any length of time and each time the dots reach the center it will clear out the third eye and crown chakras a little bit, as well as the "channeling point" above the back aspect of the third eye, so this video is a form of treating your higher chakras. But if you persist for about 20 minutes any brain fog you have will clear out (temporarily) and even the energy in the eyes themselves becomes extremely clear.

The next step would be to test the effects on people with poor eyesight, please write here if you have any results with this.

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Re: NEW permission slip animation - from Dolphin ET event

Post by Alice » Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:28 am

Wow, thanks for that! just watched it, felt calming, it is too late to try for 20 min. but when I do I'll post results. Anyway, very intriguing.

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