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Do you experience jinx?

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 4:28 pm
by yannos
Good day to everyone!

I was wondering if some of you regularly experience what i call "jinx" states. This is a state where your energy feel off, and you don't feel good about yourself, and your life is total shit. The worse it gets, the worst the experience you endure. When it reaches a certain level, everything you do become problematic, and just going out to buy bread might end up bad. Like for exemple you will get attacked on the street, or everyone will be mean to you, massive unluck, and it can get very very very bad.

I want to add that i am now 28 yrs old, and when i was a teenager, i developed anxiety and depression symptoms that would take me almost a decade to heal. This was done mostly by practicing surrendering, something i realised and learned after years of suffering. But when i was in a bad mood, the negative energy was so powerful that EVERYTHING would co incredibly wrong. In a sense, it showed me the amazing power we have on our reality in a way that i wouldn't be able to deny for the rest of my life, and this before i would ever heard talking about the law of attraction or anything related like Bashar teachings.
I have to say that some of the worst powerful synchronicities i experienced have often been negative ones. (but writing i realise this is not entirely true, i experienced a lot of crazy good stuff).

I still experience jinx from times to times, in a much more softer version that 10 yrs ago, especially when i get caught up in worries. But i consider myself advanced in self-understanding and i have made tremendous progress over the years, so i'm confident i will someday be able to experience a stable and positive reality all the time. however this will come after years of self-experimenting, failure, learning, and letting go!!

This is still problematic for me because it prevents me (or i prevent myself to be more correct) to create the life that i want, relationship that i want, etc, because even if i can manifest a positive reality it always tend to fall apart after a few days. And then it comes up again, after letting go, like a yo yo.

Re: Do you experience jinx?

Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:23 pm
by openmindedskeptic
Hi Yannos,

Have you tried Bashar's formula, which is designed to get you into a pleasant, serene, or passionate state easily, step by step?

The most important thing a person can do is to learn how to get control of his state of being... once you learn that, via the Formula, or Abraham's gradual move up the emotional ladder, or other method, then you will always be able to deal with temporarily unpleasant situations such as you describe.


Re: Do you experience jinx?

Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:31 pm
by yannos
I believe there is no formula, there is only letting go, non resistance. I wasn't complaining, i just wanted to know if some of you experienced this phenomena more or less regurlaly. Because while it is true that we can vibrationally "influence" our reality, it is really very easy (at least for me) to experience the negative side of this ability. I also noticed that many people aren't as much aware as i am about their own vibration, and they might go through negative phases without really coming to a complete awareness of what is happening. When it comes to me i am always very aware of my own energy and what vibration i find myself in, which makes it even more painful when things go south, hence my ability to resist instead of letting go. add to this a powerful will to "understand" and "control" my reality (there is no control there is only surrender) and i understand better why my life went so bad, and how i created this karma of jinx.
i'm strictly reflecting about myself but as you can see i progressed in my understanding.

Re: Do you experience jinx?

Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:27 pm
by openmindedskeptic
Thanks for these clarifications, Yannos.

Many, many people experience what you call jinx,... they call it many names.... anxiety attacks...or the Blues,...or mild or severe depressions... .... it's a huge problem in modern society... you're not alone... at various times in my life I too have had bad funks....for some people it's so sever that they just don't get out of bed on weekends... others even think of killing themselves because life has not the slightest enjoyment for them....and doctors usually just tell them to fill up with pills or meds... which can help a bit but may have side effects.... Abraham has said that taking meds for depression may be a necessary stepping stone before figuring out how to change one's vibe oneself.... so, don't exclude seeing a doctor and using meds temporarily...

But first, may I suggest that you look a bit closer at the "formula" that Bashar has offered as a broad and powerful tool to raise one's vibe relatively easily. It's not a control thing.... "Surrender" is a big part of Bashar's advice, but that's only part of it.

In short, as I understand it, he advises that we ask ourselves, at any given moment, what would be the most exciting, passionate, pleasing or at least soothing activity that is available for us at the moment (even if it's just a pleasing rest with a good book and warm drink, for example), which we then do (and savour) to the best of our ability until we either can't do it anymore or we don't want to, then we repeat the process, giving due respect to our beliefs that , for example, our boss expects us to come to work and not pursue our favorite activities on company time.

Give it a try, Yannos, because the mere act of surveying our situation and asking ourselves what would be the most pleasant thing we could do in the moment is in itself an important part of the vibration raising process. You might think to yourself for example, "the most exciting thing for me to do now would be to go to my favorite beach and surf, but I can't do that now because...reason x, y, z..." (which brings into your mind pleasant images of passionate past surfing you may have done), then you might think, "ok, that's not available, so the next most enjoyable thing might be to do this or that with my partner, but my girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse isn't in town now.." (but you will have had images of goodtimes with your partner, which also raises your vibe)... as you do this for a minute or two or more, you keep thinking of exciting or pleasant or soothing things you might want to do, and by the time you settle on one that you like which is available (for example a pleasant phone chat with a good friend, or a brief walk with your fun and frisky dog) your vibe is already much higher than before you asked yourself those questions.... and then doing the thing you choose, if you stay in the moment, raises your vibe even more.

Abraham has a shorter explanation for the same result, but I find that Bashar's process is more effective and easier to do. Abraham says think a thought that makes you feel a little better, which raises your vibe, then, when you do indeed feel a little better, think another thought that makes you feel a little better than your new vibe, and keep repeating until you're in a great mood with a high vibe. Abe's method works well for some, Bashar's method works better for others. Same message, different methods.....i.e. stop complaining, surrender/stop your resistance against what you don't like, and pivot toward getting your mind thinking of things you like.... Experiment with it Yannos, and come back to this site if you need more support or advice.... we're here for you....

Good luck,


Re: Do you experience jinx?

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:06 pm
by yannos
Hi openmindedskeptic

I'm not asking for help or anything, i'm just asking this from a student perspective, because this is the way i became aware of the power we have on our lives and experience. My first hand experience with this power was this jinx state.
And i want to know if you experience this also, not from the inside, but on the outside, where you see that your own state of being is reflected everywhere in your world and literally everything goes wrong as long as your vibe is low. Of course the opposite is also true.
So what i want to know is not if you have ups and downs, but if you experience the power of those ups and downs on your reality, like in a state of jinx which can be sometimes very powerful. (but i don't want to be negative or anything, the opposite is also true)

Re: Do you experience jinx?

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:37 pm
by openmindedskeptic
Aha, understood, Yannos.... yes, I have seen the reflections come back to me, all around. But that was years ago... my medium or down moods are very short these days... I prefer to be up.

It used to be that especially electrical devices had bugs or glitches when my vibe was low, a very visible and consistent electrical disfunction pattern .....and also traffic patterns...... when my vibe was low there were lots of red lights and traffic jams, when up, smooth driving through lots of green lights and light traffic.... I prefer not to go there anymore....


Re: Do you experience jinx?

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 4:48 pm
by yannos
Yes that's crazy right! I remember once when i was in a very bad mood, i entered in a bar with friends, and i knew i felt bad and i shouldn't go out and all with this vibration. And when i tried to order a beer, the barman wouldn't let me order. It was like what beer do you want? i didn't know what to answer so i told him choose for me, and he just wouldn't want. I know nothing about beers and whatever i tried to say : give me something tasty, or not too bitter, was never enough. He wouldn't want. And i knew it was about my vibe, i was aware of this.
I was so pissed i would have hit him but naturally i felt powerless and bad at the time so i didn't do anything, and i don't know how but i ended up picking a beer after 5 mins of struggle. Naturally the struggle was exhausting as i was already on edge.
This is just a very small example of what i experienced when i was in my dark times. I don't want to complain it's just when i reflect about it, the power of our vibe is just ... strong. Now it makes me laugh. But i admit i went very far with jinx, but now i am in a much better place.
A few months later i entered the bar in a normal state and ordered something without issue.

Re: Do you experience jinx?

Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 6:20 am
by Alice
We all get into moods! I did, just today. I like this on moods from the Crimson Circle channelings.

Now this type of quantum change also brings up issues – issues that many of you have been facing for a long time. One of these things you’re going to call a mood or an emotion swing. Any time you go through that type of change so rapidly, the rest of you is trying to catch up, to be part of that change, and part of you can wake up in the morning and feel a bit sad. Or you can wake up in the morning and feel uncomfortable in your own skin. You may feel angry about something and just can’t get it out of your mind. This is just a mood. It is just an internal reaction to the various changes that are going on in your life. It is very natural that you would have reactions because it’s part of you reacting or observing a situation that’s taking place.

Now, so often we see you get into one of these moods and then, to actually make it more intense and also to make it more difficult, you start judging the mood you’re in. You say to yourself, “I’m in a bad mood, but I shouldn’t be because I’m Shaumbra. I’m a lightworker and I shouldn’t be in bad moods. When will I ever get this? When will I ever catch up with all of this and feel peaceful and happy, in a state of bliss?” Well, forget bliss! It’s an artificial state of being.

So you feel that you’re in one of your moods. You may be perhaps even depressed or anxious about something, and then you try to correct the mood. Stop right there. When you find yourself trying to correct your moods and your thoughts and emotions, just stop right there. You’re only going to send yourself into more chaos and confusion and you’re only actually going to dramatize that mood that you’re in.

You have the old thinking, “good mood, bad mood.” It doesn’t work that way in the New Energy. Yes, it does work that way for some of the – what we would call – Old Energy humans that are in your life. You’re going to observe it in them, but for you it’s a bit different. At that point you are trying to correct or alter your thoughts, your moods or your emotions, stop. Take a deep breath, then dive behind the short wall! (laughter) The short wall is the place where you can observe everything, including yourself. The short wall is the neutral safe space where there is no right or wrong; there is no good or evil; there is no positive and negative. It simply is.

As Kuthumi said in our last gathering, it is just an experience and it doesn’t have to be polarized to a “good” or “bad.” In the Old Energy it is a common practice to polarize, because that is how everything was occurring. You'd polarize an energy – let’s say polarize it to “good” ... but in the New Energy, there’s no need to do that.

You’re in a mood, you’re “having one of those days,” you say. But you’re not really having a bad day, you’re only feeling and allowing yourself the expression of the bad part of that day. What you’re not seeing or feeling or allowing to come forth in its united state – not the country, a united state of being – is the good part of the day. And once you recognize that your bad day is just equally a good day; and you recognize that there truly is no bad or good, it is just an expression, what’s taking place in the moment; suddenly you find out that actually there is no good or bad.

Your state of emotion or mood is not neutralized ... in other words, you’re not counterbalancing it so that there is no feeling or emotion ... you’re actually merging them together in the highest state of expression. You’re allowing whatever is at that moment without judging it as a bad day, without judging it as feeling tired or depressed. Because every time there is a feeling of tired, what you’re not noticing is right in there with it, in a unified state, is a feeling of energized. Every time you’re feeling sad – sad about letting go of some things in your life – there is also the unified energy of happy and joyful and free. Every time you judge yourself as being angry, right along side of it, actually integrated and woven perfectly into it, is the energy of being happy, carefree and accepting.

When you stand behind the short wall as you get into one of these mood swings that humans tend to do so often, you realize that you don’t need to infuse that mood swing with the drama. The drama that comes from the judgment of what it is; the drama that comes from the “oh what’s wrong with me? Why am I having a bad day?;” the drama of having to run to a reader or look in the astrology chart to figure out why the gods up above are inflicting this on you. You realize that it is you. You’re just putting a focus on an expression or an aspect of that particular moment. But unified right into that are all of the other expressions.

Go, sit behind the short wall. Observe you in that emotion, in the moment. Observe the sadness. Don’t try to kill it. Don’t try to deny it. Observe it. And as you sit observing the sad you on that particular day, as you relax, get rid of the anxiety, you’ll also be able to start seeing the happy you; the fulfilled you; the innocent you; the stupid you – all of the different aspects – and you’ll realize in that moment that none of them guide or control your life. You will realize that you can choose to express all aspects, no aspects, or just a few aspects of yourself in that moment.

We bring this point up in particular on this day because it is a common practice for metaphysicians to try to focus on – what you would say – good thoughts, happy thoughts. There is this whole movement of mind and thought control that’s only going to get you in trouble. Because once you assign that type of control to your mind, that type of guidance just to your mind, and allow your mind to judge good or bad and to try to squelch or put down the other emotions, you are denying part of yourself. Every time you deny part of yourself, it goes off into another dimension. It exists, it is real, and it will come back to get your attention.

So the important thing is, during the mood swings, take a moment. Do a breath or two or three. Go behind your own short wall and observe the you in the moment, and realize that there are many, many other expressions of that you.

The first thing that it’s going to do is allow you to get over the anxiety in that moment. Allow you to get out of that “Why me? What have I done wrong? What do I need to do to make myself perfect?” In this moment of letting go of the anxiety you’re probably going to have a good laugh at yourself for getting so caught up in something that’s really not you, really not the full you. It’s a very liberating experience and, as I said, some of you could have a difficult time with it because you’re used to feeding off of your own drama. You’re used to having these drama situations and emotions and mood swings and that’s how you’ve been keeping yourself barely alive. You fear that if you stand behind the short wall, it’s going to get real boring. Everything will be neutralized. Everything will be very, very – how to say – very boring. That's not it at all.

As you do this, as you allow yourself to watch you, you’re going to realize that there’s so much more depth and dimension. You don’t need to infuse drama to make your life relevant and exciting. You’ll find a new depth that is very difficult to describe, because it’s not mental, it’s not emotional. It is the full expression of you. Then you’re going to understand what true, personal creativity is. In other words, how you create yourself in every moment. It will give you a total renewal and interest in your own life.

You know you’ve – many of you – have lost interest in your own life. You’re just allowing that life to just kind of go on and on, but you’ve really lost interest in it. I recently did my first of many Passion workshops in this grand place that you call Finland. We talked about getting to the real passion, getting excited about you and life again. We will continue to do more of these. Part of the whole experience is to get out of the drama, get behind the short wall.

Re: Do you experience jinx?

Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:52 am
by yannos
" When you find yourself trying to correct your moods and your thoughts and emotions, just stop right there. You’re only going to send yourself into more chaos and confusion and you’re only actually going to dramatize that mood that you’re in."

So true, as i like to say : " what you resist persists". But sometimes the unbalanced mood or energy can cause us to change the way we think and start a downward spiral of resistance. It's where we must learn to let go

Re: Do you experience jinx?

Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:04 pm
by Alice
yannos wrote:" When you find yourself trying to correct your moods and your thoughts and emotions, just stop right there. You’re only going to send yourself into more chaos and confusion and you’re only actually going to dramatize that mood that you’re in."

So true, as i like to say : " what you resist persists". But sometimes the unbalanced mood or energy can cause us to change the way we think and start a downward spiral of resistance. It's where we must learn to let go
Yes, and Ho'oponopono works well for that. I've posted about Ho'oponopono here.

Also you might try this if you haven't. Bashar recommends!