Expanding On The Black Box (Negative Ego Tricks)

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Expanding On The Black Box (Negative Ego Tricks)

Post by yourownexcitingworld » Mon Sep 04, 2017 9:15 pm

Bashar went into this in The Black Box. I've repeated some of what he shared and expanded on it.

Here are some possible tricks of the negative ego I thought of. Do you guys know of any others?

Limiting and negative beliefs seem to go hand in hand with what may called the negative ego… the drive to move in a negative direction and to avoid exploring beliefs and our selves. Do you wonder what moving in a negative direction and beliefs have to do with each other? Without negative and limiting beliefs there is no motivation to move in a negative direction, as all negative motivation may steam from limitation and fear. Without negative and limiting beliefs there is no desire to do anything but follow our highest excitement, in joy, love and happiness. What we call the negative ego may really just be our perception filtered through a negative and limiting belief system. Without these negative and limiting beliefs, the negative ego may cease to exist. In attempt to preserve itself, the negative ego may try to use many tricks to try to get us to avoid exploring our own beliefs. If we don’t look at our belief systems we may never be able to let go of our negative ego, and thus, it (our negative/limiting beliefs system) may stay intact. You may say that the negative ego is designed in a way to try and perpetuate itself.

So what might some of the ways the negative ego tries to preserve itself? Here are some tricks I recommend you look out for:

- Distractions. It may try to act like there is so much interesting stuff going on or it may want to create new things to distract itself with. “Wow, look at this thing going on! Yah, yah… I’ll get to exploring my beliefs later. I don’t want to miss out on this!” “I would explore my beliefs, but there’s all this other stuff which I think I should start doing, and now I don’t have any time to look at my beliefs.”
- Getting others to agree with it. The negative ego may try to get others to agree with it’s tricks, to find others who are willing to play along with it. “Wow, I sure have a whole lot of stuff to do. I’m never going to have time to do much else, huh? Thanks for being my friend during this!”
- ‘The pot calling the kettle black‘. In other words, avoiding issues or characteristics about yourself that you could be working through and aiming criticism at someone with the same qualities and characteristics (possibly more extreme). “That person is so immature. They should really work on them self!”
- Demonizing. Turning against anyone who may be able to help give positive guidance or suggestions. “Do they really think they’re floating above the rest of us? How egotistical of them.” “I was trying to share how I was feeling. I wasn’t asking for someone to fix my problems. How rude. Some people can be so emotionally disconnected.”
- ‘Misery loves company.’. Seeking out others who aren’t evolving to try to avoid seeing a reflection of positive growth. “You guys just want to watch TV all day again? Yah, I don’t care if we’ve done it for the last 4 days.”
- Following a crowd no where. Looking for things or people that other people are following that avoids self exploration and evolution. “Well, this must be good because so many others are doing it!”
- Negative generalizations. Ignoring possible solutions because other ones didn’t seem effective. “All the other stuff I tried didn’t work, so I don’t see a point in trying this new thing. I bet it doesn’t do much either.”
- Blame, hate and resentment. Avoiding exploring beliefs because of the behavior and circumstances of others. Rather than taking self responsibility REGARDLESS of circumstances, trying to put your power in the hands of others. “I would move towards a better life, if there weren’t so many jerks out there.”
- Taking things out of context. Using information, tools or ideas that could be used in a potentially very beneficial way, and distorting them to continue avoidance. “I want to get beyond beliefs to a point of just knowing, so why should I look at my beliefs? That doesn’t make any sense!” “If creation doesn’t make any mistakes, there’s nothing for me to improve upon!”
- Trying to identify as a good person. Does this one seem like it doesn’t quite belong here? While trying to improve yourself and help others may be a positive thing, the idea of ‘being a good person’ may also be used in negative ways. One way the negative ego may try to stop you from exploring your beliefs is to create an identity that seems to be of good nature while avoiding self exploration. “Well, I donate a bit to charity every week. I don’t need to look at myself, because I’m a good person!” “I’m too busy supporting others to work on personal growth! I’m living it!” “I hang out with good people, so I must be good too! I don’t need to work on myself!”
- Taking on a teaching or authority position. Yes, teaching and guiding others may be a positive thing, but like all tools, it too may be used in a negative way. The negative ego may try to use the identity of a teacher or an authority figure to avoid self growth and exploration. “I don’t need to look at beliefs. I teach this stuff!” “I help guide people with this stuff. If I were to do any more work in myself I’d turn into a beam of light! You don’t want that, do you?”
- Trying to find another way. One trick the negative ego may use is trying to avoid effective methods by trying to find another tool, that doesn’t really examine beliefs. It may try to use this trick to slow down or stop all progress and self examination. This is not to invalidate other modalities or methods that may be used in a positive way (or in conjunction with belief exploration), but this may be a very common trick of the negative ego to slow down or stop belief investigation all together, especially in new age communities. “Exploring beliefs is good and all, but… I learned this ritual where you lick a toad and dance all night long. It felt really powerful. I think I should just do that instead of exploring my beliefs.”
- Glorifying negativity. Trying to pretend that negative behavior is cool, fun or sexy. “So what that I do that? I’m a bad boy/girl!”
- Negative focus. By only looking at lots of negativity in the world, the ego may try to trick you into believing there is no possible positive pathway (or pathways) for you. “This world is too dark and too negative for someone to live a happy life…”
- Fear of pain and suffering. Trying to convince you that the emotions you will experience from acknowledging something is going to be worse than the emotions you will experience if you just hold onto it (even though holding onto it, and trying to avoid it may be WAY, WAY more painful in the long run). “No… I want to live a happy life! Why would I look at things that don’t enjoy?!”
- Getting REAL loud. When you get closer to something more positive than your current state, your negative ego may try to get real loud to try to further distract you or scare you away from positive progress or happy breakthroughs.

By being aware of tricks the negative ego may play, we may then begin to acknowledge it more when it tries to interfere with our progress. If you find yourself avoiding self exploration, I recommend you take the time to really explore why. Does it truly FEEL like a positive thing you or doing, or are you trying to just get to more comfort, because the only reason you may be uncomfortable about self exploration IS the negative ego in place trying to preserve itself. Pretty tricky seeming, huh? Well, maybe not enough so long as we make the conscious choice to truly look within.

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