Liquid Crystal Confirmed as Bashar Stated

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Liquid Crystal Confirmed as Bashar Stated

Post by TheInventor » Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:11 pm

I got hold of a book called "The Rainbow and the Worm by Mae-Wan Ho.

She discovered a method of seeing living Organism's

title: The Rainbow and the Worm : The Physics of Organisms
author: Ho, Mae-Wan.
publisher: World Scientific Publishing Co.
isbn10 | asin: 9810234260
print isbn13: 9789810234263
ebook isbn13: 9789810248130
language: English
subject Biology--Philosophy, Life (Biology) , Biophysics.
publication date: 1998

This is a quote from the book.

"All our investigations on the optical properties of living organisms described in this Chapter have been
done using relatively non-invasive techniques that enable us to study living organization in the living,
organized state. That is, in itself, a major motivation towards the development of non-invasive
technologies. Ultimately, they lead to a different attitude, not only to scientific research or knowledge
acquisition (see Chapter 14), but to all living beings. For as these technologies reveal the immense
subtlety and exquisite sensitivity of biological organization, they engender an increasingly sensitive and
humane regard for all nature. The most remarkable implication of our findings is that organisms are completely liquid crystalline. We shall explore the implications of the liquid crystalline organism in the next two Chapters."

Bashar has said for decades that we are Crystal Structures.

The Author published her book in 1998.

Bashar The New Metaphysics was published
Copyright @ 1987 by Light & Sound Communications, Inc..

"Recognize, simply, that with the freedom of creative expression, not only will you allow yourselves to already
be a completely expressive facet which supports, automatically, all the other facets in the configuration of the
total mental crystal of your society, but you, yourself will become your own complete multifaceted crystal,"

49 word quote.

11 years later confirmed (just a approximation), I could look up her papers published, but she was the first to see the rainbow.

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