A Perfect Example of SYNCHRONICITY for Millions of Viewers.

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A Perfect Example of SYNCHRONICITY for Millions of Viewers.

Post by kundakiss » Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:19 am

Last night, Jimmy Fallon returned to host his show after taking a week off to be with his family because his mother had passed away. At the beginning of his show, he paid tribute to his mother and said that ever since he was a kid, they would have a secret way of saying "I love you" by squeezing each other's hand 3 times.

Later on in that same show, Taylor Swift made a last minute appearance at the request of the producers as a way of welcoming Jimmy back and doing something special in honor of his mother, Gloria, whom everybody on the crew loved. Taylor sang her new single "New Year's Day" for the first time ever on that show. The producer confirmed by tweeting that the lyrics were a "beautiful coincidence." ;)

Check out the synchronicity for yourselves :)

Jimmy's tribute:


Taylor's performance:


The producer's tweets about that show:


To you good day!

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